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Posted 30 November 2022

40xAA Extra Alkaline Batteries £9.99 @ Sold by GPBatteries Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon

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💜AA Batteries 1.5 Volt Pack of 40. These Extra Alkaline battery is sold all over the world. One of the Top ranges of GP Batteries. These Extra Alkaline pack of GP Batteries come in a handy letterbox friendly packaging so there’s no need to wait in. Inside the box the batteries are packed in 4 packs of 10 batteries, 40 in total. These batteries can be stored up to 10 years.
💜 These Extra AA Batteries are also known as, or replaceable by any other AA battery brand, or Mignon batteries, LR06 batteries, MN1500 batteries, 15A Batteries, or AM3 batteries. These batteries can be replaced by any other rechargeable or single use battery that have the same reference code.
💜 The Extra batteries can be used in everyday household devices. This means devices such as remote controls, battery operated toys, controllers, mouse, keyboard, scales, radio, tools and many more. For reference: these batteries will last 42 hours in a mouse and over 90 hours in a radio.
💜What do you get? Mailbox friendly packaging with 4 packs of 10 batteries inside. The batteries are leak proof so they are safe to put in any device. With the battery box you can easily store them in your home, so whenever you need power you have access to these batteries.
💜With more than 50 years of experience, GP is a leading battery expert and one of the world’s largest manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of batteries and battery-related products
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  1. Avatar
    Has anyone tried Costco Kirkland batteries compared to this? Just thinking whether these are any better 😃
    Had loads of Kirkland batteries leak in the past
    Not had any issues with GP ones.
  2. Avatar
    ordered for the mother in Law
    How many does she take?
    I usually connect mine to the mains;)
  3. Avatar
    Since when did batteries get so expensive!
    Having just clicked the link, I found that I had bought exactly the same item from the same seller 2 years ago on a Lightning Deal for £6.38 😳 (edited)
  4. Avatar
    **I understand this comment isn't for everyone**

    If you're looking at this please consider rechargeable batteries instead. I was using single use batteries for all sorts around my house and now exclusively use rechargeables, I've not found a device that hasn't worked.
    My blood pressure monitor doesn't like them & certain stuff actually tells you not to use them.
    Torches die quickly instead of getting dimmer. Not good for small drain long use items like remotes. I have loads of rechargeables AA & AAA mainly, several intelligent chargers & several numb chargers. I generally find it too much hassle with the rechargeables & their power characteristics, they're based around 1.4v not 1.5v & higher like single use. I counted up the batteries in use in my household once & gave up at around 200. That's a lot of charging & faffing. (edited)
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    £9.99 is far too much
  6. Avatar
    Only £1 more than when I bought some in Sep 2020
  7. Avatar
    Was going to buy, till I checked my bottom drawer. 20 plus in there.
    You've got a drawer in your bottom? How novel.
  8. Avatar
    Beware that if you also add the AAA's to your basket the price for the AA's goes up to £25 but still lists it as part of a "Lightning deal".
  9. Avatar
    I take it these are better batteries than those Poundland Panasonic's etc... (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Amazing! Heat added!
  11. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks OP