Lightning to USB cable £4 @ Asda instore

Lightning to USB cable £4 @ Asda instore

Found 4th Nov 2013
Lightning to USB cable for newer apple products.
Was £10 and down to £4.
Have used these before and better than the cheap ones you find on EBay/ Amazon and a great saving versus Apples branded cables
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Purchased in Leeds Morley but I did ask and it's nationwide.
What's the length??
can get these in poundland
Poundland ones don't work since the iOS7 update
1 metre cable , poundland ones die after a few weeks as well, I've had another of these now in the house since I got my 5s and no issues.
Been at this price for a while now.
£13.00 in my store
+1 for Poundland.

£13.00 in my store

It was £10 before being on sale, you may be looking at a different one. Only ever seen it in the bigger Asda's.
Just my luck !!!
Couple left in Milton Keynes - picked up one for myself and one for a friend. As others have said, there are 2 sorts of leads on-sale, originally £10 and £13, the £10 ones were reduced but both were on the same peg with no discount on the price tag on the peg - just listed as £13.
These were on sale in the ASDA mobile phone shop and not in the iPad sections as you might expect.
The ones that were a tenner originally are on smaller backing cards than the £13 leads

Good luck.
Saw these in Great Yarmouth asda superstore and bought two as my cheap eBay one become so frustrating. Works a treat. Hot

Poundland ones don't work since the iOS7 update

My Pound shop cable does work with IOS 7.03 - at least I can see the Photo Album folder so data is transferring and it charges.
However after 2 months use, sure enough, this cable stopped working one way round then the lightening connector came apart in my fingers. These £1 shop iThing cables are strictly for occasional use - traveling, car etc.
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