Lil' Pimp DVD £2.09 @ Amazon

Lil' Pimp DVD £2.09 @ Amazon

Found 13th Mar 2011
A host of stars lend their vocal talents to this outrageous comedy in which a young boy finds that he doesn't fit in with the other kids at school and goes in search of a new life accompanied by his foulmouthed friend Weathers (Ludacris). A chance meeting with a dazzling ho' 'Sweet Chiffon' (Lil 'Kim), leads him to a hip-hop wonderland, a bar called 'Playground' where he is introduced to the world of pimping by Master Pimp Fruit Juice (Bernie Mac). But the evil scheming of Mayor Tony Gold (William Shatner) threatens to shut the pimps down and force Lil'Pimp to return to the horrors of life in suburbia...

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thanks - looks good - will give it a go
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