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Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit 2L Bottle - £1 instore @ Tesco, Portsmouth

£1£250% off
In store: Portsmouth · Tesco Deals
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Lilt 2L Pineapple only 1£ in Tesco Superstore Portsmouth, maybe nationally

Tesco More details at Tesco

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    Full fat??? Best served chilled (no ice) on a sunny day...and best stock before the new bottles hit the shelf....rebranded as Fanta Twist Grapefruit and Pineapple.....wonder if Quattro (lates 80s pop) will reappear......
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    They say it will just be a change of name but I wonder how many people will think it also taste different too
  3. CrudBucket's avatar
  4. Loveabargain99's avatar
    Long live Lilt
  5. angleseyman's avatar
    The end is nigh
  6. Gavinge's avatar
    What year vintage is this bottle?
    Toon_army's avatar
    1996, it was a good year, The Spice Girls released Wannabe
  7. alihkhan92's avatar
    Gonna miss this bad boy
  8. saitama_fan's avatar
  9. R.TescoDeals's avatar
    When it rebrands as Fanta it’s gonna be £2, and no added sugars too….
  10. duggie1982's avatar
    Buying 2 cases for ebay
  11. nostoneunturned's avatar
    R.I.P.........really is p**s (edited)
  12. Nav_A20's avatar
    These will be worth a fortune in years to come. Might hide a couple in the loft.
  13. docbrown's avatar
    It’s been this price for years.
  14. Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    I'm sad lilt is going away. Legit love this with a shot of Malibu in summer.
    All good things.
    HalfDemonHero1982's avatar
    It's not going away its just having a name change is all...
    So instead of a Lilt & Malibu, you'll be having a Fanta twist & Malibu instead.
  15. ybz's avatar
    Lilt is a British institution. How dare they assimilate it into inferior products!
  16. samtheman's avatar
    Sugar tax victim
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    "Has Lilt been cancelled? Coca-Cola rebrands the 'totally tropical taste' drink to 'Fanta' after adverts were accused of 'cultural appropriation"
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