Lily's Driftwood Bay talking Salty Dog - argos for £1.99

Lily's Driftwood Bay talking Salty Dog - argos for £1.99

Edited by:"theredw0man"Found 26th Aug 2017
Never heard of it, but for two quid I've ordered one for my two year old nephew. I don't know what stock's like nationwide but I ordered one from Airdrie store and seems to be more available locally.

On amazon prime £9.45

There's also other other characters available, slightly more, still good deals though.

lily soft toy £2.99…937

lilly with gull toy £3.49…544
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Home Bargains have the sticker books, etc to go with this. Think the sticker book was 69p and the story book was 79p.
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Great, thanks I'll go in there and pick some up to go with the toy.
Cheers. Little treat for the little man tomorrow. Ordered
no stock around - good find

  • Only for domestic use.
  • This toy does not provide protection.

Doesn't provide protection from what? Bullets, flame throwers, Politicians?
Look great. Can anyone who has bought them confirm if they come with tags on or boxed? Am just looking to purchase as a gift. Thanks
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Mine just came in a clear plastic bag- no box, or tags. Will wrap in tissue paper , then wrapping paper or patterned cellophane, the wee fella will love it
Thanks for replying. Really appreciate it. Am going to buy. Thanks
got mine just now - came in a bag with a tag. To be honest only looks like its worth £2 but baby seems to like it.
Thank you MikeLondon
The 'Lilly with Gull Toy' which is also in the sale comes in a box. Have bought this and the dog and the matching sticker books, etc from Home Bargains. Altogether it looks a nice little bundle.
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