Limited Edition - Spiderman 2 - Double DVD Gift Set - £2.99 Delivered
Limited Edition   -  Spiderman 2   -  Double DVD Gift Set   -  £2.99   Delivered

Limited Edition - Spiderman 2 - Double DVD Gift Set - £2.99 Delivered

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This great Box-Set now back down to £2.99 again at HMV. Nearest price I can find is £16.96.

Spiderman 2 - Double DVD

Exclusive Portfolio Of Artwork - 25 well-known comic book artists created artwork inspired by Spiderman 2 specifically for, and only available in, this collectors edition DVD

Concept To Screen Comparison Portfolio - View the transformation of various scenes of Spiderman 2 from sketches and concepts to images from the final production

Postcard Collection of Spiderman 2 Artwork - 5 postcards featuring original artwork used in the theatrical advertising campaign of Spiderman 2 including the well-known trilogy campaign of Sacrifice, Choice and Destiny

The Amazing Spider-Man # 50, Spider-Man No More: Comic Book - Reprint of the original comic book in which Peter Parker decides to give up being Spider-Man


Excellent price, nice set

Just buy it before they change the price/it goes out of stock. Well worth £3 and DON'T FORGET QUIDCO :lol:

thank u

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Here's a larger picture of the Box


Great price! voted hot! thanks!

Now showing as £29.99

must have been a Christmas day offer

Still haven't opened mine from the beginning of 2007 when they had it this price!!!!

Link shows the price as £29.99...!!

you shouldd ef get this - it will be back at £2.99 - has been 3 or 4 times this year. worth it for the books, my dvd is still sealed and shall remain so, as i have the Spider-Man 2.1 German Steelbook edition, and the UMD version. infact ive got 3 versions of spider-man 1 and 2, and 2 versions of 3rd film, but looking for a nice deluxe trilogy - im a bit of a fan.

How do DVD count as Limeted Edition doesnt that mean that they are only available for a few months not a year or 2 after the release

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Can admin please show as expired. Thanks.

:oops: It has expired
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