Limited Edition Star Wars UGG £140 - UGG UK

Limited Edition Star Wars UGG £140 - UGG UK

Found 2nd Jun 2015
New UGG Star Wars Limited Edition Boots

For those who like these things a whole new range of star wars UGG Boots etc.

The path of a Jedi just became a whole lot easier with the comfort of UGG. We joined forces with Star Wars™ to create a special edition collection, infusing signature styles with details that celebrate the iconic characters of the original trilogy.

Suited for the blizzards of Hoth, the rocky terrain of Tatooine, and even the halls of the Death Star, this collection transports you to a galaxy far, far away where luxurious comfort reigns supreme ...
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lol aprils fools oh wait its june
UGG can have a strong influence on the weak minded !:p
£xploiting the license Disney are

£xploiting the license Disney are


I knew this would happen once disney bought the rights from Lucas (toys, clothing, junk ect ect)
anything they can stick a Darth Vader on....

You'd of thought they could of got a better Darth Vadar image for their website! Looks like they took a photo of a cheap toy then badly airbrushed highlights onto it in Photoshop!!!
"Baby you're as cold as Hoth"

£xploiting the license Disney are

So true.

So true.

I suppose they have to try to get there $4bn back somehow!
They got a bargain in paying $4bn for the rights of Star Wars...let's hope that films they are making are worth all the hype! Com' JJ Abrahams!!!
These boots are going to fly off the shelves, now every is in a Star wars frenzy!
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