limited time £5 when you refer a friend to paypal

limited time £5 when you refer a friend to paypal

Found 21st Apr 2017
just had this pop up on my paypal app...paypal will give you and a friend £5 each to spend when you refer a friend and they make a qualifying purchase
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Wow! don't think I know anyone who hasn't got PayPal.
Wow! don't think I know anyone who hasn't got PayPal.
Bunch of scammers.

Bunch of scammers.



They employ chickens to work in their vault to pluck your money.
Terms and Conditions
Inviting Friends and Earning Referral Credits Terms & Conditions
By using or participating in PayPal’s "Invite Friends" feature (the "program"), you agree to the following terms and conditions ("terms"). PayPal has the right, at any time and in its sole discretion, and without prior notice, to terminate, cancel, suspend or modify the program or these terms.
The Invite Friends program allows you to invite people you know to sign up for a PayPal account. You can earn PayPal rewards when friends you invite to join PayPal through the program sign up and complete an eligible transaction. If you are the person inviting friends to join PayPal, you are a "referrer" under these terms, and if you are a person who receives an invitation, you are a "referee."
In order to be eligible to earn rewards through the program, referrers must have a UK PayPal account in good standing at the time they send an invitation and when rewards(s) are issued. Both referrers and referees will be eligible to earn a reward when the referee satisfies all of the following conditions: (1) accesses and completes the PayPal sign up process using a referrer’s personal referral link; (2) creates a new UK PayPal account in good standing; and (3) completes an eligible transaction within 14 days of sign up. An eligible transaction means an online checkout payment of at least £5 GBP, which is marked as "complete" in the referee’s account and which has not been cancelled, refunded, or reversed by either the referee or the seller. Send Money payments are not eligible. If two or more referrers invite the same referee, we will credit the reward to the person whose personal referral link was used to complete the sign up process. Referrers and referees may earn up to £50 GBP in rewards through this program ("lifetime reward limit").
You may only send invitations to personal friends and acquaintances, and may never publish or distribute your referral link in public locations where the audience is likely to include people who are not your personal friends. If you post your referral link on any third party website, such as a social media website, you must also comply with that website’s terms of use.
Please note that whenever you decide to share your referral link, you must tell your referees that you could receive a reward from PayPal if they sign up and complete an eligible transaction. Failure to disclose this information is a violation of these terms and could result in PayPal disqualifying you from the program and you may forfeit any rewards you would otherwise have earned through the program.
Sharing Personal Information
Referees can choose whether to let their referrers know that they accepted the invitation at the time of account sign up. Referees can choose not to share this information by completing sign up outside of the program, in which case rewards will not be earned by the referrer or the referee.
Receiving and Using Rewards
Rewards will post to your PayPal balance soon after your referee completes their first eligible transaction. Standard rewards are £5, though this amount may vary in the event of special promotions or alternative offers. Specific reward details, such as amount, will be disclosed to you when you send an invitation and in related promotional materials. Reward expiration date and exclusions will be included in the email PayPal sends you to notify you that a reward has been issued.PayPal reserves the right to limit, cancel, or revoke a reward if PayPal determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated these terms and conditions, or if we restrict or close your account pursuant to our User Agreement.
I don't think this is too bad, basically the refereed person spends £5 and gets £5 back and the referee gets £5 free money


Google it and read for yourself. I could reply with the answer but these messages have counter limits (I think)
OVO give you £25 when you get a friend to join.

OVO give you £25 when you get a friend to join.

OVO is that some cube you use to make quick stock?
Gas/electric company
I would not recommend it to anyone, even for a fiver
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