Linda McCartney Sausages (6x50g) 94p @ Sainsbury
Linda McCartney Sausages (6x50g) 94p @ Sainsbury

Linda McCartney Sausages (6x50g) 94p @ Sainsbury

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Similar offers in Tesco & ASDA but cheaper in sainsbury:

Tesco £1.87 - NOW £1 (Until 24/01/10)
ASDA £1.86 NOW 2 FOR £2 (Not sure when offer ends)


Shouldn't that say Linda McCartney FAKE Sausages? :-D


Shouldn't that say Linda McCartney FAKE Sausages? :-D

It's weird how close these taste to real sausages...

Same price in Morrisons

These are crap!

Overpriced even for 1p.

Surely they'd be 10 years out of date by now?

These are really really horrible!! Tried a couple of weeks back and soooooo bad it's untrue! Don't know how anyone can like them! Just my opinion but beware they are nothing like real sausages!!

Must agree they don't taste like real sausages.

these are the only veggy sausages that actually taste like sausages


these are the only veggy sausages that actually taste like sausages

Have to disagree with you on that. These are cardboardy and just about acceptable but Cauldron chilled Lincolnshire or Cumberland veggie sausages have much better flavour and 'food-like' texture. They are more pricey, though.

Best Veggie Sausages by far

Fakes imho, she hasn't made sausages in ages..

These are horrible. Really greasy and not good at all.
I suggest these veggie sausages called Cauldron Sausages and I think they are made with a combo of Tofu and and Vege Suete, really nice!

I agree.

I like a lot of Linda McCartney's vegetarian range but these sausages aren't nice.

As stated above, Cauldron's Lincolnshire sausages are the best, especially in a home made toad-in-the-hole.

Surely a matter of taste. I like these but obviously some don't. To me this is a hot price.

ewww Linda McCartneys pies with no meat.


£1 in Iceland btw.

Good deal if you like 'em, personally I think they are truly awful - kids didn't even like them.

I really dislike them. Love the sausage rolls, and assumed these would be the same as the sausage roll filling - I was wrong, and now have a box and a half of them in my freezer from last time Sainsbury's did a deal (which unfortunately was BOGOF).

I'm not even vegetarian but I often buy these and have them more often than normal sausages... far less fat and far less crap go into them unless you're buying top notch expensive bangers, so given the choice, I'd rather have these.

Heat added.

also around £1 in co-op at the moment
i love these sausages :thumbsup:

HOT from me. These are so much better than they used to be.

I like them.
Not because they resemble sausages because, quite frankly, if you want proper sausages, eat proper sausages, but because they taste nice as their own thing, just shaped like a sausage.

I'm vegetarian btw. and like these fake meats as sides rather than mains.

Disgusting, I tried these, and threw them away..Yukkk!
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