Linda McCartney vegetarian/red onion sausages £1 @ asda

Linda McCartney vegetarian/red onion sausages £1 @ asda

Found 27th May 2017
Online and in store.
The vegetarian sausages / red onion and rosemary sausages £1 at Asda.

Thank to whoever added the image


still eating the free ones from 6 months ago. lovely


Never have them in stock at our local store when they are normal price never mind reduced! Didn't have them this week or last

A great alternative if you are prone to the 'side effects' of Quorn.

All OOS in local store

Waiting for the meat eater to make their standard comment.

Don't think a meat eater would click on it

Good deal. Same price in Iceland too.

contains more meat than a Richmond sausage!

Never understood why vege people eat stuff in the shape of meat items, what next a burger shaped as a cauliflower

Good price gonna grab some tomorrow
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