Linda McCartney's 6 Vegetarian Sausages (300g) was £1.50 now £1.00 @ Iceland

Linda McCartney's 6 Vegetarian Sausages (300g) was £1.50 now £1.00 @ Iceland



Hmmmm, bet they're delicious. Sausages made out of vegetarians.
Vegetarians are real I guess they could be really lip smacking good
Sadly I even far to many vegetarians meals of late.... so will have to pass....shame
Burgers are fantastic, these are a good price so a trip for me!
Do give these a try and help your health by cutting down on processed meat.…779
Normal price at HomeBargains
Home Bargains sells frozen food?
Had the red onion & rosemary ones from Lidl a month or so ago, much tastier than the normsl ones but haven't had any more since
Voted cold. Evil product.
WARNING!........I tried all of these and it's disgusting.......pies, sausages, burgers......unfit for human consumption.
These have crazy amounts of protein in with hardly any fats. Really good if you're working out
it's a lie they have been 1.50 as their normal price is £1.25 in Iceland. Also, Morrison's have them for £1…233
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