Lindam baby gate £15 @ ALDI

Lindam baby gate £15 @ ALDI

LocalFound 22nd Jul 2014
Was going to get the 2 for £35 deal from kiddicare but this is better. No idea if its national this one was in catterick garrison.
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Take it this is Aldi? Do you know if it's the pressure fit or screw fit?
Yes Aldi, its sure shut porte model mk0002-000 rev1. Preasure fit with a set of cups you can attach to the wall for greater security
I purchased this one for my son, Very easy to install and good level of security too. Heat!
Thank you, need another one
great is due after Xmas but well worth buying now. cheers o.p
anyone know the size this fits?
standard door frames it says on the pack.

I got two of these the other week when they were advertised in the specials book. they still have a pile in the Hessle store in hull
This is a good deal, I got one a few weeks ago...hoping to keep my son in his room / away from the top-of-the-stairs-stairgate when he wakes up in the middle of the night as he is going into a toddler bed soon.....the product clearly says it's suitable for up to 24 months ( and my son is 24 months, so this isn't really a complaint, just confirming that the product is definitely not suitable for over 24 months!) but he opened it straight away - no struggle. You basically squeeze the handle after flicking a toggle at the bottom. We'll give it away/ sell it. Otherwise tho seems like a good stairgate if your child is in the right age range and perhaps doesn't love fiddling with things as much as mine!
Also was quite quite easy to fit - I fitted it with just pressure and it worked fine ( although the instructions seemed to recommend drilling holes in your walls to fit cups ( as above), I guess that is safer), it felt sturdy.
How is this a deal? 15 quid the going rate for a gate.
There's the exclusive securus model at Tesco for £16 in baby and toddler event. So 2 for £32. Clubcard boost £15 for £30 and part with £2 cash free delivery to your home when you spend over £29.99 at Tesco direct baby section. Then there is points on fuelsave and more clubcard points for the next clubcard statement. IMHO lindam securus is a good product, currently owning two gates.
Reduced to 9.99 in Aldi in Batley when I saw it yesterday. Great price, unfortunately I had just purchased one from argos
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