Lindam Baby Stair Gate - less than half price £6.99 reduced from £14.99! @ Aldi

Lindam Baby Stair Gate - less than half price £6.99 reduced from £14.99! @ Aldi

LocalFound 19th Mar 2014
Lindam stair gare only £6.99 reduced from £14.99 - Great price, don't think I've ever seen them under a tenner before, not sure if store specific but they had at least 7 or 8 in stock in Hatfield, Hertfordshire
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Assuming this is Aldi?
Good price, which one is it though as there are various models. I got the Lindam Extending Metal gates at the end of Asda baby event couple years ago for £7.50 each, so this is a great price!
Oh i hope they have some in my local, i desperately need 2 !! xxx
What's the bar code please?
Yea it's Aldi, should say so it title, not sure on exact size but looked like the standard door frame size

What's the bar code please?

Sorry I didnt get any other details, all I know is in the description
this is a fantastic price, need one to stop the dog getting in the kitchen.
Great find, hot
Great deal
is it screw fix or compression fittings

is it screw fix or compression fittings

It's compression fit, no screwing or drilling required
Here we go guys and girls this is the model, click the link for full details -…te/

It's compression fit, no screwing or drilling required

thank you my son.may the lord guide you on your way.
That's amazing!! Never seen them that cheap
spotted these in morrisons yesterday they are about £24 in there
this says 14.99?
omg are you serious. I'm on paternity but work like 1 min walk from this store, bloody typical the week I'm not there!

this says 14.99?

Yea it's advertised at £14.99 on their website but in my local store it was reduced to £6.99, not had confirmation yet if anyone else has found it at this price so can't confirm if nationwide
Still £14 in my Aldi
These are really good, we've got two at home when Tesco were doing them two for £20 so £6.99 is a bargain!! I'd recommend you need to take your time fitting (why wouldn't you?) but once in they are rock solid (my 17mnth tests it regularly - as do I!)
Might just be because I'm in a new build house or the layout of our staircase, but tried fitting a pressure fit and by the time I'd cranked it up to the correct pressure (according to the indicators) the stair post was visibly moving to the side because of the pressure! If you've got a straight run on your stairs I'm sure it'll be absolutely fine though.
None in my local aldi in aberdeenshire
Checked 2 stores Wisbech and Spalding have none in stock.
Unfortunately still £9.99 in old kent road store. I did buy a couple though as I need them. Still approx 10 left
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