Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate - £14.99 @ Argos !
Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate - £14.99 @ Argos !

Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate - £14.99 @ Argos !

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Price elsewhere is £19.99. Winner of Mother & Baby and two Prima Baby awards (Best Buy & Best Value). Reserve & collect

Key features:

Pressure fit.
Two way opening.
Double locking.
Ready assembled.
Mounted height 76cm.
Width 75cm to 82cm (max width 138cm with a combination of Lindam extensions).


why it is this - cold - great price........ and very handy ...great find

Ive got one of these. Great item and great price. Voted hot

Just make sure where you are putting this is wide enough! When we moved ours where to wide for the equivalent places in the new home, also for stair areas i prefer the ones you fix to the wall safety wise as they dont have the bottom bar going across the floor, the number of times ive almost slipped down the stairs due to those at friends houses!

This is the best gate ever!! But I'll agree, it's no use for STAIRS due to the bottom bar... be a bit dangerous, and major trip + fall hazard. For stairs u really do need one without a bottom bar. But for ROOMS... can't be beaten o this one. My little boys 4 now and still can't figure out how to open it.

Fab but id you live in area with surestart you can get a gate very similar to this for just £5


Fab but id you live in area with surestart you can get a gate very … Fab but id you live in area with surestart you can get a gate very similar to this for just £5

Ehm, how eaxctly does that work?

Have several of these, good deal edi.

Good Price.

Original Poster

Thanks guys


it cost £5 with surestart starter grant

Good price but note to prospective buyers...the opening/gate is narrower than most others you will find (15.5" compared to 21" on my other 2 gates). I was constantly banging my legs on the sides.:x

Although if you need a gate for a narrow opening, (eg. 27" door frame) this could be the one for you.

With mine, I cut a few inches off either side of it and re-inserted the plastic frame liners to make it a minimum 24.5" up to about 29".

Of course If you didn't need it so small then you could just chop a bit off one side.

The gate in the picture looks to be fitted inside a disabled door frame as mine would only just fit inside a standard frame (30" door) with the screws wound fully in. I actually had to kick it into position.

HTH someone. Hot from me btw, was £20 when i bought mine.

These are 2 for £30 at Tesco's direct - but if you use the code below you get an extra £5 off..... So 2 gates for £25, plus you get 30 clubcard points......



great deal.. i got two of these already , i will get one more for downstairs at this price

Fantastic thank you!!!

good deal, we have the premium one at the bottom of our stairs... have reserved one of these for the top - little one well on the way to starting to walk.

good deal..we have about 3 of these..you do have to be slim to get through these without banging something lol
Then again my parts have served there purpose in life..hence why we need the gates..my bits have no use anymore haha


it cost £5 with surestart starter grant

Dont think everyone in sure start areas all get the grant though? Do they?

dont recommend this.... never felt hundred percent with this on top of stairs.... a strong toddler at this could budge it.. ok highly unlikely but it does have a trip bar... my 4 year old fell and broke his nose at bottom of stairs using this gate (we had it up for 1 yr old) since then have installed a normal swinging one .. have to drill holes, but its far safer.

its fine for kitchen doors etc, but not top of stairs... imo anyways!

lol my son figured out how to open this at 13 months old!!! Little begger so i have to get the stairgates that click down and nip your fingers on. Great price tho i did get mine from tesco's about a year ago also.

I have something similar for the bottom of my stairs but I got this one from wollies for the top as there is no bar at the bottom


It's not part of a grant I don;t think . It's part of a government initiative aimed at giving kids a better start. It doesn't matter if you claim benefits, are on low income or earn x amount per year. In my area you can get stair gates for £5, fireguards for about £8, free socket covers etc. Ask your Health visitor it could save you a fortune



Product Recall: Lindam Safety Gates
Argos Catalogue numbers
375/3086 (Lindam model LD145) and
375/3282 (Lindam model LD146)
We have identified a problem with a batch of Lindam saftey gates where the plastic hinge that retains the gate within the frame may fail in use. This will result in the gate becoming detached from the frame and the potential for injury.
If the hinge is damaged or broken then there is also a further potential for injury if the gate becomes detached and ceases to be an adequate barrier to potentially hazardous situations.
We have decided therefore to recall the product(s).
Safety gates that are affected can be identified in the following ways – the plastic used in the hinge mechanism is white not blue and the stairgate will be marked with a model number along the bottom bar of the gate.
Affected model numbers are LD145 and LD146. If you have one of these numbers your product is affected, any other model numbers are unaffected.
Please see the adjacent images which will help you identify the hinge and model number.
If you own one of the affected safety gates, please stop using it immediately and return it to your nearest Argos store for a full refund.
If you have passed the product on to anyone else or know someone who has this product please alert them to this email.
No other Lindam or Argos product is affected by this issue.

Yours sincerely
Argos Customer Services

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