Lindam safe and secure playpen - £47.79 (Possible misprice!!)

Lindam safe and secure playpen - £47.79 (Possible misprice!!)

Found 14th Sep 2007
Tesco direct are advertising the 'Lindam' safe and secure playpen for £47.99. The offer underneath shows that the deal should in actual fact be 'Was £69.79 Now £59.79 Save £10.00', they also appear to be offering triple clubcard points on this error!! Could be a steal if it's what you are after!
I've also added a 10% off voucher for baby shop and a couple more relevant for tesco direct which could certainly make this a bargain!!
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To call these playpens doesnt do them justice, they also convert to large and versatile safety gates or depending on the width of your room can even section off a "safe area" for the little one to play in! Weve just paid almost £70 for one from argos to keep our little fella safe while we where decorating and preparing the new house prior to moving in! It will also double as a fire guard come winter and the coal fire is on and im looking at a way of using it to give him a safe area in the garden so he doesnt wander in front of his big brother and sister on their swingset!
HOT HOT HOT! Especially considering a simple safety gate alone is £20!!
Fantastic price, we looked at getting one around a year ago but they're soo expensive for the short amount of time they're used for...

Voted hot xx
Just about to buy one of these as my son is nearly crawling so it will make a good play pen and room divider when not in use as a play pen, thanks so much! HOT
An absolute bargain - I happily paid about £80 for mine a few years ago. As others have said, these are very versatile. More importantly, they are quites strong and secure for any little 'uns.

If anybody is in the market for a playpen or even a room divider (we use ours to keep the kids out of the door-less kitchen), please don't hesitate to get one, especially at this price.

Heat & repped.
Many thanks, ordered now after the positive comments TDXR codes dont work but £5 off applied
We have a babydan which is very similar (bought from ebay) and I couldn't have been without it, firstly as a room divider and now my little boy who is 16 months plays in it as a tent and is always hiding in there so it's still in full use on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend anything like this and at this price it's brilliant!
:thumbsup: These are well worth buying. I had one for my little lad and they really are very useful. From what I remeber that is a great price too!
Now listed as Was £69.79 Now £47.79 Save £22.00

So not a misprice, but certainly a bargain, voted hot.

Thanks for this, I have ordered one, bargain price
best thing brought great good deal cheers fantastic cant wait to get it
Fantastic deal, mon ami! Used it along with the TDX-CT32K7 to pretty much cancel out the delivery costs.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!


Cheers, OP!!!
If you prefer 500 tesco points to 5 quid off, add a value sim card in to (for free delivery) then use 500 points code (separate tesco direct thread):thumbsup: nice deal
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