lindam sure shut safety gate £9 in asda instore
lindam sure shut safety gate £9 in asda instore

lindam sure shut safety gate £9 in asda instore

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got one of these baby gates in asda bolton today for £9 instead of £15.
still £15 online


I need one of these, hope it's that price in my local Asda.

all sold out in my local

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they went to £7.50 last time, they had about 20 in my local asda.

Still £15.00 in Asda Newton Heath

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i think they have only reduced them in my asda today as i went yesterday and they were still £15, im hoping the reduce the nappies again.

Was anything reduced as I'm after a car seat and was waiting for them to reduce them

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the only things i could see reduced were the babygets so far, im going to pop again tomoz as id really like to stock up on the nappies if they reduce them to £5 a box again.

I hope they reduce the johnsons wipes too as they reduced the box of 6 packs to £2.50 which was mega cheap one of the times!

£9 is a good price. Heat added. I personally prefer the fully opening ones, i dont like the bar at the bottom or the small gate to walk through. But the price is good.

my local store ran out of the car seats by midday on the first day of the baby event! my mum got one last time. but they never have them in store long enough to reduce them.

Had loads at that price in Scunthorpe store today, lots of other things reduced too.

I've just rang 2 of my local stores and 1 said they weren't reducing anything and the other said they didn't know as it was down to the company to decide whether they've got too much stock and they would then reduce it.....think I'm just going to have to go into the store and look for myself as I don't believe that they won't be reducing anything as they have done every other time!!

Which Asda in Bolton?

There's three or four large ones!!!
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Does anyone know if this comes with fitting caps for the door frame?? I know it says no need for drilling or screwing,but that could just be for those that choose not to.

Yeah it comes with the fitting caps

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Which Asda in Bolton?There's three or four large ones!!!

it was asda where big W use to be.

the gate i got didnt come with anything to drill it to a wall.

Morrisons have got the Lindam soft safety barrier reduced at the end of their baby event from £15 to £12. Is £25 in Asda - not in their baby event!

Still scanning for £15 at Livingston

All my local asdas in leeds (checked 4) are all on for £15.

grimsby store seem to have realised that all there stock doesnt get used up in the baby events now so dont put as much out, just popped in only few things like dummys was half price but shelves was nearly empty, was hoping nappies would be reduced again but theve only put them down from £11 to £9 so cant see it


HiYeah it comes with the fitting caps

Thanks Lianne

Still £15 in my local Asda

still £15 in clydebank too

Asda Metro Centre gateshead still £15.cold

did they have many left

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when i got one this morning at 11am they had about 20, the sale tag was nearly hidden with the gates overlapping the shelf abit, so if not many people have seen it they might still have quite a few. i only got 1 as wasnt sure it would fit, but i might pop back tomorrow and get another for the bottom of the stairs.

Why is this hot when you can't buy it for £9,Metro Centre still scans £15.Cold

£9 at Wrexham today

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its probably store specific, maybe in the next few days most stores will start to reduce the baby event stuff, i think it depends how much stock they have left and want to get rid of. i know its up to the manager though so its not nationwide but most stores do reduce the stuff.

£9 in scunny asda, seen them tonight

probly go down bit more soon, they have been £7.50 last 2 baby evens in my asda. £9 still good price if your in the market for 1 or 2 or maybe 3 if your kids are as active as mine :-)

good price but mind your toes on the bottom bar thing
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