Lindemans "Secret Valley" Chardonay - Semillon; on sale Sainsburys - South Street, Farnham

Lindemans "Secret Valley" Chardonay - Semillon; on sale Sainsburys - South Street, Farnham

Found 19th Feb 2010
This is in-store only, and maybe only on sale in a few stores. Its white wine. good stuff, excellent value if you can find it

Was in Sainburys in South Street, Farnham this evening and saw a few people had a box of this wine at checkout. So, wondered over to the wine section and

Lindemans "Secret Valley" Chardonay - Semillon, from Chile

had a sale sticker, down from £9.18 to £2 a bottle. That's £1.90 each when you buy six.

When the assistant saw me taking bottles off the shelf, asked how many I wanted and went off and brought me 4 boxes (24 bottles) - said they had loads of stock and were discontinuing in that branch so had to clear it.

Had a bottle with supper, its good - certainly worth a fiver a bottle. Fruity and some acid there, should keep for upto the end of this year. Label says
"exudes peach and pineapple fruitiness complemented by creamy complexity"

Don't know about that, but the wife like it so will be back for another dozen in the morning


I think we had that one in Cranleigh store too, for the same price... we had a Hardy's Crest one before christmas, This one and some £2 champagne. It's good with the discount lines!

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Would have liked some cheap Hardy's Crest, did not have that offer here.

Bought some more of the Lindemans this morning, should go down well in the summer - if we get one this year that is. Now got plenty to enjoy round a barbie with friends in the garden.Worth stoking up with when its £1.90 a bottle.

There was still half a shelf left after I had taken mine although a special display on an end counter had been emptied.
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