Lindt Chocolate Reindeer 39p @Co-op Wickford

Lindt Chocolate Reindeer 39p @Co-op Wickford

LocalFound 9th Dec 2013
I absolutely love Lindt I brought my kids the lindt advent calendars this year, great value for money and great chocolate.

Before you ask yes these are the 100g ones or it wouldn't be worth posting.

Oh, good luck catching those Flamdeers!!!
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I must collect this magical Flamedeer
I don't know why but this suddenly reminded me of the reindeer dispenser that "pooped" chocolate that was advertised on here last year. Perhaps it is the smile on this little guy's face?
Bargain! Good find.
My local co op never has any of the deals posted on here , but this would make good stocking fillers :-)
Good find my deer, heat added
Please may I have the golden deer?
Me too please just any gold I'm not greedy
excellent love these heat added

My local co op never has any of the deals posted on here , but this would … My local co op never has any of the deals posted on here , but this would make good stocking fillers :-)

After reading the post for the Lindt Santas £1 at the co-op (posted on here think it was Friday of last week) I popped in past my local co-op but they were advertised at for £3.50 for 2 not £1 each, so mentioned to the girl behind the counter that I has read they were £1 she called for the supervisor who didnt even question the price just said sell to the customer for a £1 - so bought 6, bargin. Think a few others in the Q behind me trotted off to get them as well. My daughter was in the shop the following day and still being advertised at 2 for £3.50??

Moral of the story is always ask - can only say no
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Will stop at my tomorrow and hope they will have some of those...they better too
heat for the price
I would buy a gold flamedeer about now!
Great price
Heat added
Bargain! hot
Wawwww. Steaming hot deal. Well done OP
Cold, no flamedeer in here
Great if I can find one, heat given cheers.
looks a bit weird
chocolate flamedeer
Mmmm yummy
I always go overboard with Lindt chocolate, far too tasty.
wohooooo night #flamedeer
Oooh! Going there tomorrow Def going to stock up as love these things Many thanks.
Did I miss the flamedeers
Love Lindt chocolate
Just got one !!
Golden one... that's good 39p for an iPhone 5s
Don't mention the F word!
Need to stock up on these if I can find them!!
how do find flamedeers i dont have any yet dont know how to find them :L
Ooo an edible flamedeer!
Got A Flamedeer:)
Not a deer!
Chocolate melt in middle balls are the best by far any offers on them ?
Lovely chocolate, great price, heat!
Great price for these. Hot!
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