Lindt Excellence Chocolate

Lindt Excellence Chocolate

Found 2nd May 2008
Asda are selling 35g (ie small) bars of Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa solids and Milk Chocolate for 10p. I asked if there was a limit of purchases per customer and was told there is not.

(picture is of 100g bars, couldn't find a 35g image)

My local store is Linwood Rd, Paisley....can't see it online so not sure if it's nationwide.

Best before date is 04/09


These would be handy for my famous chocolate cake.

Will have a look next time I am there, but I never seem able to find these deals there

yum, chocolate cake!!

yummy want sum its delicious this chocolate very addictive

One of the girlies at work came back from the Bournemouth store with a bagfull of these for everyone yesterday dinner time...scrumptious
thank you Cathryn xxx

do they do the chilli one?
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