Lindt GOLD BUNNY 99p @ 99p Store

Lindt GOLD BUNNY 99p @ 99p Store

Found 31st Mar 2010Made hot 31st Mar 2010
Just saw a huge stack of these in the Newcastle Under Lyme store


Batteries included?:oops:

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I think your talking about a different kind of rabbit If they sell those at the 99p store its got be melting hot!

surely they must be the smaller bunnies (not the £2.99 size)

Cold, unless you have pictures im sure these are gold bunnies, Ive seen them in 99p stores, but not Lindt.

I can confirm this deal as I saw it in East London today

Tiny bunny though - I love them but didn't bother as one would not be enough and I am feeling poor at the moment

The 99p ones are the 50g bunnies - Cool trader have the 100g ones at 2 for £3 if anyone's interested.
They also have the lindor red eggs (like creme eggs just nicer) at 29p each (not the 39 stated) or 4 for £1. Hope this helps.

Its the very smallest one. Now I have to assemble the entire line up for Easter …

£1 in Asda if it's closer for you.

And it def is Lindt

they did these last year and it was the bigger ones; might have been after Easter though which would make sense I guess. Not a good deal if it's the tiny ones especially!

I'd wait till after easter if it's for yourself, I'm sure the small ones were less than 50p in Sainsburys last year.
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