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Posted 7 December 2022

Lindt Hot Chocolate Powder 300g - £3 at Checkout @ Amazon

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Discover new Lindt HOT CHOCOLATE. Made with real Lindt chocolate, for a smooth, creamy and indulgent taste experience, crafted with passion by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. Enjoy everything you love about Lindt in a drink, with our Lindt HOT CHOCOLATE - perfect to cuddle up with on a cold winter evening, or try with cold milk, as delicious refreshment on a warm summer day.
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Made with Lindt Chocolate
Made with real Lindt chocolate, for a smooth, creamy and indulgent taste experience, crafted with passion by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers.

Hot Chocolate Smooth, creamy and indulgent - perfect to cuddle up with on a cold winter evening.

Or enjoy cold
For a delicious refreshment on a warm summer day, just mix with cold milk, stir until dissolved and enjoy!

About this item
  • The first Lindt HOT CHOCOLATE
  • Made with Lindt Chocolate
  • Vegan-friendly recipe
  • Can also be enjoyed as a cold drink
  • This product is made to a vegan recipe but as it is manufactured in a facility that uses milk, it is not suitable for people with a milk allergy

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  1. Avatar
    I tried this and wasn't impressed. Tasted like cheap hot chocolate much prefer Green & Blacks
    It is cheap that's why.
  2. Avatar
    It’s also this price with Tesco club card too if that helps anyone without prime.
  3. Avatar
    I'm sure many people will enjoy this chocolate drink, but if you check the ingredients, it's exactly two-thirds sugar. Just saying. lindt.co.uk/lin…00g
  4. Avatar
    66g of sugar per 100g
    shouldn't this be called "Lindt Hot Sugar Powder"?
    That's exactly what stopped me!
  5. Avatar
    Ciobar is the best hot chocolate - thank me later
    I think I had this in Italy, was really nice.
  6. Avatar
    £4 now
    Save £1 at checkout

  7. Avatar
    The previous deal has been expired for more than 7 days so can be reposted as a new deal. Thanks
  8. Avatar
    Just so people know, you can melt any chocolate you want in milk to make hot chocolate... Don't need to buy powdered stuff and be disappointed that it doesn't taste like Lindt chocolate.
    Never thought of doing that. Seems quite obvious you that you’ve mentioned it.

    Any recommendations which chocolate is best when added to milk?
  9. Avatar
    Was very average considering it's supposed to be Lindt. Galaxy is the best hot chocolate I've tasted.
  10. Avatar
    Tried this the other day, was very weak like Starbucks hot chocolate.

    So far twinings is the best 👌 .

    P.s. using oat milk. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Really wish they'd start selling the Australian version of this over here. In Aus it's lindt hot choc flakes and is deliciosus, easily the best hot choc product i've tried! Can't understand why it's only over there but oh well.
  12. Avatar
    It’s not great.
    get Starbucks one from Asda for £3.50 it’s wayyy better.
    Which one? A picture maybe... Thanks
  13. Avatar
    is it cheaper just dropping a lindt chocolate into a cup of boiling water? same taste?
    you can do this. if you have a velvetiser or similar then a lot of people use "proper" chocolate - it works better if you grate the chocolate or run it through a blender first.
  14. Avatar
    Se had some last night funnily enough and really enjoyed it, smelt lovely n tasted great....perfect for after my boys nativity watching the footy. I'd buy again as a treat
  15. Avatar
    Despatches in 1-2 months 😳
  16. Avatar
    Kind of aromatized sugar, from the ingredients list
  17. Avatar
    Usually dispatched 1 - 2 months?
  18. Avatar
    Options Belgian chocolate is good, better than cadbury, not sure how this compares
    I agree
  19. Avatar
    The worst “hot chocolate” I’ve ever had. And that’s from a Lindt lover my goodness. This is like drinking water.
    Totally agree with you,what a let down this stuff was
  20. Avatar
    Save your money ,it's not good at all.
  21. Avatar
    Every time I scroll past this I think it’s an Easter egg
  22. Avatar
    Heat added
  23. Avatar
    Just bought some. Thank you
  24. Avatar
    Still available at Tesco for £3 if you can't wait 2 months.
  25. Avatar
    Just realised after ordering as a xmas present that delivery is December 19 - January 11...

    Edit: estimated delivery now December 16 so all good (edited)
    Best pop to Tesco
  26. Avatar
    What's the normal rrp?
    £3-£3.50 in supermarkets
  27. Avatar
    Didn’t have any in my 2 nearest Tesco’s, so should get mine from here after 13 days of waiting tomorrow.
  28. Avatar
    Agree with others. Found it average and not worth the £3.
    After sugar the next main ingredient is cocoa powder 28% and then third is Lindt chocolate making up just 8%.
    I feel Starbucks ones are better off in terms of sugar content, stopped using Cadburys after seeing the amount of sugar it has 😬
  29. Avatar
    Pretty naff , disappointed not much taste to it ,tastes as bad as cadburys pods in my Tassimo
  30. Avatar
    Can't believe or understand why it's been voted that hot, actually it's only chocolate powder & not a good one at that!! But hey, each to their own there's always counter opinions to look forward to
    Got some this week and its probably my least favourite.

    But as for ingredients it's usually some of cocoa powder, sugar, flavourings like vanilla.

    I've tried making my own and its not the same ever.

    Seems like there's more going on.
  31. Avatar
    Lidl do a good one.
  32. Avatar
    This stuff tastes like ass, avoid
  33. Avatar
    Thank you
  34. Avatar
    What's the difference between a taste and a "taste experience"?
  35. Avatar
    1-2 MONTHS? It'll be warm again by the time this hot chocolate arrives
  36. Avatar
    Shame it takes 1-2 months to arrive if you don't do a Fresh order
  37. Avatar
    People seem suggest this is wack, which is fine. But I'm curious - what is the go-to home hot chocolate recommendation?
    Hotel Chocolat is lush!
  38. Avatar
    Was very disappointed with this!
    agreed, says use 3 teaspoons of powder but you need to use at least 4 tablespoons to get a decent flavour
  39. Avatar
    I use cocoa powder. No sugar in it.
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