Lindt Lindor 200g was £4.89 now £2.00 in store @Tesco

Lindt Lindor 200g was £4.89 now £2.00 in store @Tesco

Found 5th Jan
Lindt Lindor Hazelnut Truffle 200g reduced down to £2.00. It should be nationwide. I've just set up a gym room in the house so resisted the urge myself.
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was cheaper in superdrug but just missed out
Cheaper in Waitrose £1.25!
Superdrug were the mixed box red/black/gold - my niece managed to get me one Boxing Day
They put these in the reduced section in my local tesco's. The one where you have tins dented to beyond recognition and they knock 10p off. So if you can not find them on the normal shelf then they might be there.
now £1 !!!!
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