Lindt reindeers and bells cheap 35p at Waitrose

Lindt reindeers and bells cheap 35p at Waitrose

Found 30th Dec 2010Made hot 30th Dec 2010
Waitrose have just reduced all there xmas shop stock,lindt bells reindeers,santas and angels,the bells,large size were 35p,same reindeers, were over £2.

mse spot


Great deal!

Is this nationwide or store specific?

Store specific because our Waitrose haven't discounted things that much yet

any one knows the sell by date

These taste amazing

Mmmmmm these are yuum anyone know if there are huuuge Reindeers like the Easter bunny ones? cos that'd be great

Lindt are the daddies for chocolate --shows up Cadburys for the filth it is .
Heat added OP.

About damn time they made those reindeers Lindor version.
Still, heat.

Mmm love these, may need a trip to Waitrose tomorrow....

Good price!!!!

£1.50 at our local Wairose

Just came back from Waitrose Worcester Park and there is a section for all reduced Christmas goodies (cards, chocolates, wrapping papers, mince pies, etc). Mostly reduced 75%.
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