Line 6 DT50 Head £389.91 @

Line 6 DT50 Head £389.91 @

Found 4th Nov 2014
An unbelievable price for this amplifier - This is the full 50 watt flagship version and it is selling for less than the 25 watt elsewhere. Bogner-designed valve amp should be around £800 - anyone who plays guitar should know this is an incredible deal.

Sold by, free postage, everyone knows what incredible customer service thomann give with their 3-year warranty.

£880 here:…329
£1049 here:…wcB

Anyone voting cold mustn't know what this product is, so hope this helps informed people.
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That's a good price, these are selling for under £500 from UK based music shops, so £100 saving leaves me wondering what the catch is going to be.

I've gone over to Line 6 for all my practice and home recording gear now.
No catch at all, I'd rather have it from Thomann than any UK store. Because of the exchange rate, you'll see most Thomann products are below average UK prices.
I'd rather buy gear from u.k. Stores. If the amp has a fault, your warranty will be with the Germans. Good luck returning it. Yamaha now own line 6.
Thomann will give you a return label, I have returned loads of things to them and have always had great customer service.
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