Lined Curtains Various Sizes from 93p at Homebase (Online - P&P £3.95)

Lined Curtains Various Sizes from 93p at Homebase (Online - P&P £3.95)

Found 21st Sep 2016
Really good price for curtains. Can't find them for better value.

Have to sort from low to high

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Thankyou, hope they honor it!
Hope so too
home base page not working
Ordered a couple of pairs but not expecting to recieve them...Homebase haven't honored anything for me in the past; they didn't even send out cancellation emails.
worth a try thanks
Thank you
it's saying generic error has not even getting them in the basket...well done to those that manage to get some x
Thank you,ordered. Hope it works! Amazing bargains.
I've ordered a few pairs. I know it'll probably be cancelled, but worth a punt!
Thanks. Ordered a couple of sets. Now to wait on the cancellation email :-(

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Thank you I need curtains so worth a go!
I've had an order confirmation and for one pair (I ordered 3 different pairs) it says delivery within 5 days so fingers crossed! Thanks bb8 for sharing!
I had a cancellation email so not being honoured they are fast in cancelling
Ordered here too
Lol think I just wasted 5 mins of my life ordering 2 pairs! Ah well. Got to be in it to win it haha thanks op!
Same here ordered two pairs at 10.40, no cancellation email as yet
ive ordered them and some other items hoping they dont cancel!
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Thanks ordered hope it's honoured
Ordered the linings, hope as only 1 pair will go through ok.
Thanks placed an order, doubt it will arrive... but couldn't resist at this price!
ta op! got to be in it to win it
I don't understand why they haven't rectified the website prices if it's an error. You'd think that would be the first thing they would do.
i have had a confirmation email for 4 pairs of curtains so looking good so far
received my cancellation email
thanks ordered
Order cancelled...
Confirmation email received too- but homebase are sneaky and the order is only infact confirmed on despatch email... Fingers crossed!
what curtains are people ordering as I can't get any to go into my basket x
Order 2 sets (as we have a room with 2 windows so need 3 curtains!)

No order confirmation or cancellation email as yet, however they have taken payment from my card...
ordered all 7 93p ones available in the size i was looking for.. lets see if they arrive!

what curtains are people ordering as I can't get any to go into my basket … what curtains are people ordering as I can't get any to go into my basket x

Put low to high in the sorting order and quite a few should pop up... Unless they have taken them down - obviously a pricing error. Good luck though
I ordered 7 pairs had confirmation email an payment taken from my account so hopefully it works
Just ordered. Thanks.

Got confirmation email for my order.
There is a note though in the confirmation email which says -
'This transaction was placed on Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016, authorisation number . Your card has been charged but if we cannot accept your order for any reasons we will provide a full refund to your card if we have debited your account in advance.'

So fingers crossed, hope that it arrives.
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Thank you, but none of the curtains are wide enough for my windows
thanks OP and love HUKD ordered 4. (guys please don't mind but don't abuse)
Thanks so much! ordered and received confirmation. .. now fingers crossed!
now not accepting payment
Let's hope a few orders get through
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