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Linen Empire Ltd NEW MEDICAL Living Orthopaedic V Shaped Support Pillow (Good For Pregnancy, Bad Backs Etc) £5.99 @ Amazon (Linen Empire)
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Linen Empire Ltd NEW MEDICAL Living Orthopaedic V Shaped Support Pillow (Good For Pregnancy, Bad Backs Etc) £5.99 @ Amazon (Linen Empire)

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*See here for pillowcase ideas*
Free Delivery for non-Prime members, too. Thought this was a good price for a V-pillow.

There's another on ebay (also hollowfibre/polycotton cover) for £5.85 (beddingmill)

  • This Linen Empire Product Is Naturally shaped to support both neck and head this V-shaped Orthopaedic pillow is a great-value, must-have sleep purchase.
  • Filling : 100% hollowfibre
  • Helps to prevent aches and strains
  • Non Allergenic
  • This product is exclusive to Linen Empire (not sure about that as I see the same stock picture here, same price)

Our v-shape hollowfibre pillow have been designed to ensure that you can comfortably and safely rest your head in the right position whilst providing extra support for your neck. Our luxury hollowfibre v-shape pillow is filled with anti-allergenic Hollowfibre to provide extra support for your head, and are covered with a luxuiry polycotton overlay, making them soft and extremely comfortable. Our v-shape hollowfibre pillow is easy to maintain and wash, thus ensuring high durability. Also great for use during pregnancy and even to support you during breastfeeding. Our pillow can help you get comfortable and find that perfect sleeping position.3211959.jpg3211959.jpg
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Thanks. Ordered
Thanks, ordered for one of my boys nursing a rugby injury He will be well chuffed.
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Good price
Great price ! Thank you
Here's a few cheap (ish) V-pillow covers from Amazon:

£1.99 + Free Delivery (slow post, though) amazon.co.uk/Pil…LNC
37431590-HIKcR.jpgHere's another Cream Coloured pillowcase at £1.99 + Free Delivery amazon.co.uk/MAT…FE0
37431590-aPj3b.jpgWhite Colour, £2 + Free Delivery amazon.co.uk/MAT…CSE
37431590-6jjIf.jpg£2.20 on Prime amazon.co.uk/RAY…KI1
37431590-ppUv9.jpg£2.15 + Free Delivery, various colours amazon.co.uk/Mat…U18
37431590-a4yfY.jpgBit more, but I like this one, £1.50 + £1.80 P&P = £3.30amazon.co.uk/RAY…QCM

Actually, scrap that, it's £3.10 on ebay ebay.co.uk/itm…538
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Boyf tells me he doesn't like the V pillows. Rather than spam HUKD with pillows, here's a 12ft body bolster pillow: Poly-Cotton/Hollowfibre 12ft Comfort Pillow £14.49 @ ebay/heavenly_home

12ft White Pillowcase £5.33 (multiplesale/ebay) ebay.co.uk/itm…735
37434996-iX8QS.jpg10 available, though there's a listing with more available for 1p more, £14.50 (ebay/soft_beds123) ebay.co.uk/itm…582
37434996-7RITl.jpgPolycotton/Hollowfibre 4'6 Pillow, £6.90 (sleepandsnug15/ebay) ebay.co.uk/itm…450
Quite a few for the same price here and here
37434996-OS3iR.jpg4'6 Pillowcase, £2.60 (Amazon seller mabtraders), amazon.co.uk/Bol…ZK2

More colours from ebay, £3.49here or higher thread count £3.99here
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