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Posted 23 February 2023

Linkax LED Torch Battery Powered, Super Bright 800 Lumen Tactical Torch - £5.99 @ Dispatches from Amazon Sold by WJRX

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Widely Used: Bright torch illuminates the road ahead, especially for walking on poorly lit and dark roads at night; Torch for dog walking at night, walking, camping, outdoor, hiking, travel, emergency. Ideal small gifts for men, gifts for him, gifts for friends, family, and torches for kids.
Small and Lightweight, Easy to Carry: Small torch can be easily put into pockets, waist bags, military bags, handbags, mountaineering bags, and the tourch can be taken out for use at any time when it gets dark or when power cut.
Convenient Design: Various modes are available to meet different needs; the focus can be adjusted and the beam can be enlarged or reduced for a large area illumination at close range or for a compact beam at a long distance; Suitable for delivery drivers looking for house numbers from distance at night
High Quality and Durability: The handheld torch is made of sturdy aluminum alloy, the LED flashlight is well-made, strong and durable; Comfortable grip, easy to use the hand torch with one-hand operation
Home Essentials: Waterproof and shockproof design, the torches battery powered comes with AAA batteries and a strap; suitable for use outdoor or indoor, such as in an emergency torch, hand tools, camping torch, survival equipment kit, car gadgets for men or as a backup at home
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  1. lazyfatboy's avatar
    I’ve got one of these. It’s cheap and reasonably bright but I’d certainly take the 800lm claims with a pinch of salt. 
    guttediam's avatar
    Thank you for info LFB
  2. Elvis.F.Christ's avatar
    Had one of these a few years now- tough, reliable and plenty bright, even used for nightrides in the forest.
    Annoyingly, seems to default to Strobing whenever i switch on though, lol. Slight nuisance....
    Added o rings and grease to waterproof it, and it's still kickin, so....a good buy
    AgentBartonBones's avatar
    Have to agree, had a few over the years and even provided them to my security crew free when I worked on manned team sites.
    I would fit luminous Orings (or one black or red, so crew members new which were their own).

    def worthy flashlight and worth orings and lube/grease to further enhance them!
  3. bravo2zero1's avatar
    I had one and lost it , they are not waterproof due to the lack of O-Rings where they need to be. Now the positives - smash it , drop it , throw it , hit it and it still works ( used it to fix cars so it had abuse ). Use it with the single cell battery ( forget the name ) it's like a AA but 4 x thicker and it lasts 2 years or so on a single charge with 3-4hr a day use. If you want a proper torch for about £20 more I recommend the X160 16core cree USB-C rechargeable from ebay. I have one and it turns night in to day , it's like having a police helicopter lamp in your hand, our lass got me one for xmas just gone.
    nadnerb's avatar
    Not sure 4 hours a day for 2 years is even remotely possible for a touch like this, even on the lowest brightness.
  4. TR77's avatar
    7.99 now
    kin88's avatar
    Just checked & still showing as £5.99

  5. adrianmg's avatar
    Bought this model back in Oct (slightly more, £6.79). Brightest setting really is pretty bright, and simple enough to widen/narrow the beam. Seem to be loads of "brands" selling this exact torch. My one big gripe with it is the on/off button cycles through the five modes - there isn't a way to keep it always ready on eg the brightest setting, you have to click through them all to get back to the first, and that seems to be pretty common for these torches to the extent it isn't always mentioned in the description. Decent enough for the money, though.
    AgentBartonBones's avatar
    the design behind that originally was so if it was accidentally turned on it would come on low so not discharge the torch/flashlight by mistake and damage it.
    When it was originally designed the company and developers put it through BETA testing on a couple of flashlight forums.
  6. TR77's avatar
    Good price but exclusively for prime members only
  7. jamesdew's avatar
    Its an ok torch but for this price it is excellent.
  8. supermann's avatar
    Linkax lol What next? Inkax? (edited)
  9. Gkains's avatar
    From the comments on Amazon, that's a yes to taking 18650 batteries (with a plastic sleeve as per usual when a torch can also take 3xAA).

    As for the word "tactical" no idea what they are on, but it's common in these descriptions. Maybe from watching to much TV cop shows or something.
    Besford's avatar
    Do they come with the plastic sleeve?
  10. PaulandPam's avatar
    I've had one of these for about 6 years, put a rechargeable 18650 battery in them and they are remarkably blinding.
    Besford's avatar
    After you've bought the 18650 and sourced a plastic sleeve (if you can) you might as well buy a decent rechargeable in the first place. (edited)
  11. AgentBartonBones's avatar
    it's ok as a starter flashlight, there are better on Amazon at around the same price which are waterproof and I only use these as really a disposable flashlight. Budget flashlight so expect to accept a few inconveniences.
    They are handy for the tool box, under the sink, or if you have a power cut etc.
    by this way this has been on PRIME ONE DEAL for longer than a week, so is often at this price. (edited)
  12. afroylnt's avatar
    Purchased seems pretty good for the money.
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