Links of London Team GB band *3 for 2*

Links of London Team GB band *3 for 2*

Found 31st Jul 2012
Links of London make the official Jewellery for the 2012 games. You can get one of the friendship style bracelets for £20.00, and they are currently on three for two.

Standard delivery is £6.00

£46.00 for three plus 10% quidco makes it just above £40 if it tracks, for all three.
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Only £10 in Argos…htm
Edited by: "adam_itfc" 31st Jul 2012
3 for 2, yet you pay for all 3?

ColdOnly £10 in Argos

Link for anyone interested - here.

ColdOnly £10 in … ColdOnly £10 in Argos

Thanks for that :-). I wanted two and was just going to sell the other one. Phoned links of london, cancelled the order, and now off to Argos where i have two reserved! Thanks again! Don't mind having a cold deal if it saves me a few pennies!

Can't believe people are going to carry on lining the pockets of the Olympic brand for trash like this. It's just a red lace with some beads!
Obviously some people don't want it, otherwise they wouldn't be half price :-).

Having been to two events (one in Weymouth and one in London) I don't mind lining their pockets.
Any empty seats??
The £6 delivery charge must pay for the "bands" and P&P so what is the other £40 for..................

Any empty seats??

Well, in Weymouth it was in the Nothe gardens if you know the area? So there was no seating anyway. It was just a nice hill top with the sea on both sides.

Watching team GB against UAE the attendance was 85,174 (I think) so very few empty seats to be seen. Typical of the media and some in this country to find something to moan about! I have really enjoyed meeting new people from different countries, and the whole Olympic atmosphere in Weymouth (my home town!) and London.
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