Linksys by Cisco KiSS1600 Digital Media Player - £109.99 Delivered @ ebuyer.com
Linksys by Cisco KiSS1600 Digital Media Player - £109.99 Delivered @ ebuyer.com

Linksys by Cisco KiSS1600 Digital Media Player - £109.99 Delivered @ ebuyer.com

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The KiSS 1600 can stream your digital multimedia files from your computer or other digital devices disc directly to your TV and/or entertainment center.

The KiSS 1600 will upscale standard definition DVDs to 720p or 1080i resolution to provide a high definition entertainment experience using the HDMI connection.

Moreover, the KiSS 1600 DVD and media player is designed to harness the power of the Internet. Users can access the unique Internet connectivity capabilities of the Linksys online service (for example, applications and services such as Internet radio stations, online gaming, etc.).

Play everything in your digital library. The KiSS 1600 is compatible with many media formats (so you can, for example, access your favorite movies, music, picture slideshows, games directly from your TV). Watch Windows Media 9, and Nero Digital files in standard definition or high definition, and enjoy your collection of movies, music and pictures from DVDs, CDs, USB and the network.

Use wireless or Ethernet connections with the KiSS 1600 player to instantly send data to your TV. Of course, the USB 2 port also allows you to connect a hard disk, MP3 player, digital camera, etc.


Play everything in your digital library.

Excellent. I'll order one. Hang on........

The KiSS 1600 is compatible with many media formats

So it doesn't play EVERYTHNG in my media library then?? :x :whistling:

Pretty annoyed the specs don't say what plays and what doesn't - especially considering it first claims to play evrything. It doesn't even mention HD files such as mkv vob and mp4, just that it upscales SD to 720p.

Withholding my vote until I find out what it will and won't play (looked at the website, no joy)

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Dimensions & Weight : Depth 34.5 cm Height 5.5 cm Weight 2.2 kg Width 23 cm
DVD Media Format: NTSC PAL
Media Load Type: Tray
Connectivity: Wired Wireless Connectivity Protocols IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi) IEEE 802.11g IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) IEEE 802.3u (Fast Ethernet)
Functionality: Digital audio playback Digital photo playback Digital video playback Internet radio playback
Supported Audio Formats: AAC MP3 Ogg Vorbis WAV WMA Supported Pictures Formats BMP GIF JPG PNG
Supported Video Formats: DivX3.11 DivX4 DivX5 H.264 MPEG-1 MPEG-2 MPEG-4 WMV WMV HD Xvid

Thanks, would have thought they would have put those details in the main specifications page (found it now)

I've just been reading around and found this review by another user on a forum

Bought one of these last week to play downloaded content from the web, wasnt going to open it until Christmas but HDMI cable arrived yesterday from eBay and couldnt stop myself, so here goes.

Found all things I have read to be true, yes it can be set up in about 10 minutes if you are a little bit network savvy, no the DVD door doesnt fit particularly well, yes HD content does jump and finally stop using a wireless connection, yes there is a daft button on the remote which shares fast forward and jump to next file which makes it hit and miss.

As I expected, watching DVDs on my Hitachi PD 9700 the picture quality was no different to playing via any other source, but then the upscaler on the Hitachi is fantastic anyway, as I would exepct they are on most HD Ready TVs, so was probably being a little optimistic to think otherwise. Cant say for sure if it was worse because of the need to downscale and re-upscale.

The one small surprise was the PC Link software. In my naivity, I expected this to simply harvest all the content with file extenders it knows from my PC. Not so, you have to manually place all the content in the folders contained on the PC Link window by adding files to it. Unless anyone else knows a different way, I can see this being a bit of a pain.

However, the main disappointment to me is the inability to play files protected by DRM. I tried some music I had downloaded/purchased from Napster. Both came back with a warning from the Kiss saying that the it cannot obtain the licence (not sure why the purchased music should do this?)

I spoke to a chappie from a foreign field that is no longer England on the Linksys chatroom who told me that the 1600 does not support DRM but they would email me if any firmware updates became available.

So, in short, the 1600 cannot do what I bought it to do at the outset. For thise in the know, do all the current crop of media streamers suffer from this and what is your opinion as to if this is something which could be fixed in future firmware iterations?

Even though these look impressive, their hardware and software isn't amazing.

I had a KISS1500 about 3 years ago, and to start with it was very good, although getting content to stream from PC was a bit fiddly. within 6 months it started freezing, and as they don't have a power button you have to yank the power cable out of the back to reset it, which is never the best way to go about things! Another 2 months on, and it froze while watching something, and never came back to life! £100 DVD player, dead within 8 months! not what i was hoping for!!

My advice would be if you're looking to stream media from PC to TV either buy an Xbox 360 or PS3, or plug your PC into your TV!

Because this model is a newer one to the one I used 3 years ago, i'm not voting either way, just wanted to make people aware of my experiences, and if you are tempted by this, do your research on forums and stuff before going through with it!


KISS 1600 wasn't rated too high IIRC.

Requirements will vary so it's always worth doing some research beforehand, no good buying something because it's cheap only to find that it doesn't actually do what you want it to.

Cheaper at Amazon.

Looks like a good deal, but there are many adverse comments once you start looking. If you can live with its limitations then it is OK.

As above, £102.70 at ]Amazon

At this price I'd stick to a 360 or even the iTab posted yesterday looked good


Its only £97.86 at PC Idiots
sorry World ]Linky
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