Linksys NAS200 Network Storage System with 2 SATA Bays
Linksys NAS200 Network Storage System with 2 SATA Bays

Linksys NAS200 Network Storage System with 2 SATA Bays

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This device is much like the NSLU2 which would link to your network router and share whatever external drive you have attached.

The benefit of this device is that you can also add 2 hard drives internally as well attach external drives.

Like the NSLU2, I dont think it will be to long before the firmware can be updated with something like UNSLUNG, which would allow you to add applications and run it like a small computer or server.


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Now you can quickly and easily add storage space onto your network with the Linksys Network Storage System. This stand-alone network appliance features two available SATA hard drive bays so you can attach as much storage as you need now, and add more later as your storage needs grow. For even more expandability, there are two USB ports that let you connect readily available USB 2.0 hard drives for even more storage space -- or plug in a USB flash disk for a convenient way of accessing your portable data files.

Connecting the Storage System to your network is simple - just plug it directly into an available 10/100 Ethernet port on your router or switch, and the storage is instantly accessible by your whole network.

The Network Storage System features built-in one-touch backup - just push the button to start a backup of your important files. There are other built-in disk utilities, accessible through your web browser. You can run a self test or scan the disk(s) for errors. If you've installed a second disk drive, you can back up one drive to the other, either manually or on a schedule.

For even more flexibility and utility, the Network Storage System can be set up to be accessible directly from the Internet via a web browser or FTP. Files can be available publicly, or create password-protected accounts for your authorized users.

The Linksys Network Storage System is the expandable and accessible storage solution for your network.

* Ethernet-connected network appliance with two available SATA hard drive bays adds shared storage directly to your network
* Add even more storage with two USB 2.0 ports for hard drive or flash-based USB storage devices
* Share music, video, or data files, locally and through the Internet (HTTP and FTP) with securely managed access by user name or group
* Built-in disk utilities -- backup, self test, and scandisk

This is NOT a hot deal a quick goole search brings back lower prices on this product.
This product is also not very good as without a 1000.nic its out of date for the High def future!! sorry i would vote this ice cold


Cant comment on this device or price, but do have an SLU2, which I … Cant comment on this device or price, but do have an SLU2, which I haven't been impressed with. Speeds on it are atrociously slow.Personally, partuclarly at this price, I'd have thought it better to use an old PC as a server to do this jub! (For most, it would certainly be cheaper!)

agreed, I do the same. Networks the printer & external drives no probs.

Only issue is space and I suppose additional electric bill.

I've got NSLU2 and I am VERY impressed by what this device can do. It is slow, yes, average speed is in a region of 3-4MBps. However, it copes well with 2.5TB of data and so far being pretty reliable. Not to mention additional things you can do with it once uNSLUgged

Saying that, the NAS200 got quite a bad review on ]SmallNetBuilder (part of TomsHardwareGuide for those who unaware of this site). Expect NSLU2-like (or even worse) performance from this device.

If you want a reliable network storage unit.. go for the buffallo link station live. Its 100% solid and quick

I'd certainly favour a Buffalo Linkstation if I wanted a system with a single, supplied, drive, or the Icy Box IB-NAS4220-B (which has been on here before).

The Icy Box is supplied as a housing for up to two SATA drives, has two USB ports for external drives, has an FTP server, all like the Linksys unit, but it also has a built-in media server, p2p client (for torrents) and a gigabit LAN. And I got mine from Scan for only a few quid more (although they don't seem to be listing it on their web site at the moment).

I've got it unslugged (6.8) and using USB hub to plug 4 HDDs to port 1. Not all hubs are compatible as you know, mine is Maplin white box selection. If you need part number, I can take a look.

At the moment it got 5 HDDs connected to it - 2x Buffalo, 2x Seagate Pushbutton and one Seagate in Icybox enclosure.
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