Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router (Cable) - £19.97 @ PC World

Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router (Cable) - £19.97 @ PC World

Found 25th Dec 2008
Not a bad price for this lil router. Nice piece of kit (currently own one).

Full specification Benefit
Product Type Gateway (Router / MR etc)
Protocol 802.11g
Gateway Type Router (DSL)
Speed 125 Mbps
Includes Print Server NO
WPA Pre-Shared Key YES
WPA (Radius Server) NO
128bit WEP YES
64bit Encryption NO
NAT and SPI Firewalls YES
Mixed Mode/Backward Compatible YES
Warranty 2 years
Freephone Support YES
Windows SE Compatible NO
Windows 2000 Compatible NO
Windows ME Compatible NO
Windows XP Compatible YES
MAC OS10 or Higher Compatible NO

non existing stock
- rugger-tyke


Excellent price, but none in stock near me

excellent router, ive had one for more then 3 years!

none in or around teh belfast area havent voted either way though

got 2 of these im using at the moment, excellent kit, great price

woop reserved one, been after one of these for the "wifi predator" project for ages

Can the firmware be replaced with ]Tomato?

EDIT: Just had a look, and I guess it can!


Can the firmware be replaced with ]Tomato?EDIT: Just had a look, and I … Can the firmware be replaced with ]Tomato?EDIT: Just had a look, and I guess it can!

I'd say it was doubtful that they can run Tomato. Indeed the page you linked says "Tomato is not compatible with Linksys WRT54G/GS v5-v7 or newer WRT54G/GS routers. These routers do not run Linux. See the Linksys WRT54GL router if you are interested in making a Tomato-compatible purchase."

If these are V5-V7 routers then they can't (easily) run Linux as they run VXworks and have limited flash available. I know that I had trouble getting hold of a router that wasn't V5 or V6 and that was a couple of years ago. If these are V5-V7 then you may be able to run openwrt on them but that most likely won't include a gui for configuration and will be all from the command line, you will also find that to actually install openwrt in the first place that you will have to jump through a few more hoops.

Check the model people; early versions ftw.

you can replace the firware with DD WRT,

it's a v7 and it's ****. Works good for about an hour then drops the internet connection and has to be restarted. Will be returning tomorrow!
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