LINKSYS WUSB54GR 54Mb Wireless USB Adapter £14.59

LINKSYS WUSB54GR 54Mb Wireless USB Adapter £14.59

Found 4th May 2008
The Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with RangeBooster is the simple way to add or upgrade wireless connectivity in your desktop or notebook computer. Simply Plug & Play. £12.10 plus £2.49 p&p

£30 approx in most places. Linksys (Cisco) top quality product. Comes with 2m USB cable for ideal positioning of the adapter. I prefer the desktop type adapters to the dongle type. It's about the size of a cigarette box and comes with velcro sticky pads should you need to attach it to anything like a wall.
If you don't want to order online then only 38p more (£14.97) for instore pickup at PC World.…715

If you want a cheap brand for a tenner or less then find something different. This post is for those that want a quality brand and product with the ability to position it away from the PC's USB port.
Compare: Novatech £27.82 Play £31.99 eBuyer £27.92


There a wireless adapter on for a tenner.

I remember when these were thrown in free with WRT54G Routers in PC World and I went back to get £40 store credit on it individually :oops:

Anyways with a long usb cable and blutac'd to a wall/window these can be quite handy when travelling etc.

Thanks this looks good for price no idea why its not hot is it cheeper in another shop ??
is it no good for what it does ??


thanks for post


Cold - we got a load of these in when I worked at Novatech - were selling them at £5 each I think - £2.70 to staff

[email protected];2027706

Cold - we got a load of these in when I worked at Novatech - were selling … Cold - we got a load of these in when I worked at Novatech - were selling them at £5 each I think - £2.70 to staff

but can you get them now for less than this ??

if so put price on


Average £7 on ebay!


Average £7 on ebay!

Never sure if we can compare eBay prices to mainstream pricing on here?. Whats the seller like, warranty, returns procedure, condition, feedback etc? If we compared every post to eBay prices then this site would become an eBay comparison site wouldnt it as eBay can be a very cheap place to buy some things (expensive for others admittedly).

In terms of a price for this from a known retailer then this is about £10 cheaper than elsewhere and is actually a very good piece of kit. Good range and easy to use. Hot from me.

Well I can't find this any cheaper elsewhere. Seems like a hot deal to me.

Well done:thumbsup:

to me its hot or cold by what price we can get the item at now not 3 weeks ago or 2 years so if you where to go get this item now what would you pay for it ??

ebay well you never know with ebay


This is quite an old product. Check for Vista drivers before buying.

Please Note:
The model number is incorrect. The MD device is a WUSB54G NOT WUSB54GR which is the current (and Vista compatible) model. The "R" denotes the "Rangebooster" capability of the device .... supposedly 35% better transmission range. Typically around the £15-30 mark(expensive if you ask me).

Info from MicroDirect Website:
Manufacturer Linksys
Manufacturers Code WUSB54G
Microdirect Code NETLIN54GWUSB
Availability In Stock

Encryption Algorithm128-bit WEP, 64-bit WEP Compliant
OS RequiredMicrosoft Windows 2000 / XP

i.e. don't touch with a barge pole

well whats a good Wireless USB Adapter then if not this ??


i am using the netgear wg111v2 54g, working perfect for me, available from ebuyer with excellent reviews
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