Linx BTUBE Bluetooth MP3 Speaker £14.99 delivered @ Play + Quidco

Linx BTUBE Bluetooth MP3 Speaker £14.99 delivered @ Play + Quidco

Found 5th May 2009
The B-TUBE is a revolutionary portable stereo speaker which allows you to steam your music wirelessly from any A2DP compatible mobile phone or laptop. In addition you can connect any music device via the 3.5mm audio jack.

The B-TUBE also doubles as a hands-free kit. With its build-in microphone you can connect to any Bluetooth phone for the ultimate hands-free experience.

The feature rich B-TUBE doesn't stop there. With a build-in Li-Ion battery for up to 8 hours of playback time, soft touch controls, carry case and desk stand, this really is the mush have travel companion!


Good reviews !? ;


Had one of these in the office. very good for £15, SOund quality is very good for the size adn the fact it is battery powered rather then mains.

Ideal for teh summer and this years festivals :-)

Can anyone say if the quoted 6hr battery a realistic claim?


Can anyone say if the quoted 6hr battery a realistic claim?

Depends how high you have the volume up. I think you are better off going with about 4 hours on 75% power

Ok... I always thought it was possible, but I couldnt see a way to prove it.

The reviews on this product seem to be rigged and posted by the manufacturer or distributor. Most reviews on geek sites say that the sound was tinny, distorted, and that there was a slight crackling sound etc..

Check these reviws…s=1 here it seems that this has literally got HIFI quality etc.

The only problem is, that one "reviewer" slips up and writes that it was well worth 50 quid. The only problem is, that it was never £50 on Amazon. it was £39.99 - £50 was the suggested manufacture RRP.

Although for £15 its definitly a steal.
Am, I missing something?

Any good for Skype calls on my laptop?

great deal, was out of stock before
Heat Added!!!!

Can this be charged in a car?

Has anyone got theirs yet?
Is it any good?

cannot get it to work with my pc on music transfer says it needs OBEX File Push Profile ?

I am having no joy at finding solution.
plays sound but not music.
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