Linx Platinum Range HDMI Cable / 6.25gbps / 1.5 Metres £5.00 delivered at

Linx Platinum Range HDMI Cable / 6.25gbps / 1.5 Metres £5.00 delivered at

Found 10th Mar 2011
Key Features:
HDMI-HDMI Connectors to gain true 1080p high definition picture
24K Gold plated connectors for optimum clarity in signal
15U(Micron) Gold Plated Connectors
26AWG Copper Conductors
99.99% Oxygen free cable for minimum signal degradation
Fully coated and shielded cord for minimum signal interference
Silver soldering to ensure optimum signal clarity
ATC HDMI 1.3C CAT 2 Certified
Length: 1.5m

Linx Platinum Pro cables give you the benefit of 24k carat gold plated connectors, Silver soldered 99.99% oxygen free, coated and shielded cables which work in harmony with your TV to give you an unsurpassed viewing experience. The Linx Platinum Pro cables are perfect for FULL HD, 1080p, TVs with Deep Color technology

Fast 6.6Gbps transfer speed
Advanced High Speed HDMI cable with a bandwidth greater than 6.68 Gbps. Specially designed for home theater enthusiasts who also want the best in HD gaming.

Deep Colour Technology
The expanded bandwidth of HDMI 1.3 is allowing manufacturers to design displays with much greater Color Depth. These new 'Deep Color' monitors will be capable of rendering many more distinct hues than current displays.

HDMI 1.3c - experience the best
HDMI 1.3c is the new standard for HDMI devices and connections and allows you to get the best from your TV, BluRay player, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or any other HDMI device - enabling you to experience full HD.

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