Lion Guard Bunga £2 - Amazon Add-on item

Lion Guard Bunga £2 - Amazon Add-on item

Found 10th Apr 2017
Lion Guard "Bunga" soft plush.
An absolute steal from Amazon for just £2.00, just bought for my lion Guard mad 3yr old son who loves it! The other characters currently between 9.89 - 12.99 for same size (hopefully will come down at some point, but doubt as much to £2)!
This is however an Add On item so I'm afraid it would require you already having something else to order! Hope this helps any parents with Lion Guard mad children!
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It says usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months!!!
Hot. Same price in Smyths if you are lucky enough to have stock local to you.…cm/
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It says usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months!!!

It said the same for me but came next day!
Seen this in activities notifications list, thought "What the hell is this" Clicked in to take a look, funny little fella. Clicked hot just because of his funny little blue face!
Just make sure you won't order two as it would make "bunga bunga" which is not quite suitable for kids...
Back up to £9.99 now
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Back up to £9.99 now

No, just change the seller as it's still showing £2 from Amazon! Not sure why they changed the URL ?
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