Lion Midgets Gems at Amazon £13.33 (Prime)   / £18.08 (non Prime)

Lion Midgets Gems at Amazon £13.33 (Prime) / £18.08 (non Prime)

Found 15th Sep 2017Edited by:"SilverBandit"
2Kg of gelatine goodness! With all natural flavours including the original Liquorice!
Cheapest they've been for a while.
Delivery will be extra if you don't have a Prime account or can't make it up to a £20 order.

(Get multiple free trials of Amazon Prime by using the "+amazon" trick on your gmail account! - i.e. sign up for a new account with all same details except add "+amazon001" to the email address e.g. - increment and repeat every 30 days.)
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Worth pointing out that these used to be 3kg boxes, the price went down when the box got a lot smaller.
A bit of maths, a typical bag of midget gems is 218g.

£13.33/2000*218= £1.45 a bag Prime (67p/100g)

£18.08/2000*218= £1.97 a bag non Prime. (90p/100g)

That's not a great deal really, the smaller box ruined that.
Looking back, I last paid £17.90 for the 3kg box = 60p/100g or £1.30/bag
Edited by: "ro53ben" 15th Sep 2017
Think these are at Heron around 60 to 70 p for 150g bag ?? best to check as would work out cheaper
The bags don't have the liquorice flavour in, it was replaced with blackcurrant years ago.
Tesco and asda own brand will do me at 25p per bag
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