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Posted 13 May 2023

Lionsgate+ streaming service £2.99/month for 24 months, then £5.99/month via Lionsgate+

£2.99£5.9950% off
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Exclusive limited time offer £2.99/month for 24 months
Watch your favourite series and movies with our special offer for only £2.99/mo for 24 months.

Also £2.99/month for 12 months via Amazon Prime Channels but might be better to wait for a 99p/month offer from them.

Outlander season 6 premieres 16th June.

(I've put the expiry date of the Amazon offer in the absence of an explicit one for the direct offer.)
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  1. EverydayImHustling's avatar
    Thanks for sharing - what a great website.
  2. 0m4d's avatar
    Heat for the deal OP, but anyone else getting fed up at there being SO many services... Want to watch a film and spend ages going "is it on this, nope, nope, nope, oh it's on the one I don't subscribe to yet )
    lochwinnoch's avatar
    Totally agree.

    justwatch.com/uk can help find out on which services a film or series is shown
  3. ccraiggould's avatar
    Do the films have 5.1 audio ? disney doesnt neither does paramount.
    Toon_army's avatar
    What device you using to stream? My Disney+ does surround 5.1 and Atmos
  4. pb-live's avatar
    The good thing about having these channels on Amazon is that everything is in one place, particularly useful on my tv where I just need to go to the Amazon app.  I’ve got Mubi, BritBox and Lionsgate on there at the moment and may have BFI player if there’s not another subscription deal after mine runs out.
    Toon_army's avatar
    Is that BritBox any good?
  5. reddeviluk's avatar
    This allows for streaming to 4 devices at the same time (just to save anyone else having to read the small print).

    Good deal OP.... HEAT

    "You're our kind of fan! It could be that you're trying to stream to more than four devices at one time. Unfortunately, that's the max."
  6. jalaldevil's avatar
    They need to consolidate these platforms, way too much out there and the content is segregating hard. There needs to be a few mergers soon.
    sureshot's avatar
    They did, it’s called Netflix.
  7. mcivoronline's avatar
    Another one? FFS. No wonder IPTV getting so popular
  8. Muig1972's avatar
    A half-price offer that lasts for 24 months is pretty incredible- I've no idea why they're doing that, but they must have their reasons!
    Pacser_Men's avatar
    Probably because theyre mostly old films and/or re-runs. imo.
  9. gabesdad's avatar
    So if I sign up for the 24 month offer, will this work through the Amazon app on day Sky Q, or will it need a separate app?
    pb-live's avatar
    Works through the Amazon app if you’ve signs up through amazon. Tried on my Sky Q and also on the tv and iPad (edited)
  10. princerupert's avatar
    can I add this to my 6 month (£1 a month) subscription , or will it replace it ?
    KangTC's avatar
    KangTC Author
    I'd just let the £1 sub run. If history is any guide there will be another offer in future.
  11. lucauk's avatar
    Showed me 2.99/month for 24 months; when I registered it went up to 4.99/month... Not sure if only me but not paying that.
  12. 2ToneGuy's avatar
    This is through Lionsgate+ app for 24 mths it's 12 mths through Amazon Prime channels same price £2.99 (edited)
  13. eelvis's avatar
    No enough decent stuff
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