Unfortunately, this deal has expired 25 August 2023.
Posted 17 July 2023

Lipton Ice Tea 1.25L - 3 for £3 - Peach

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Part of the 3 for £3 offer, bunged in with a load of Robinsons squash Annoyingly the squash is actually a min order of 4, so kind of doesn't work all that well here.

The Lemon Ice tea is what I'm all about though It's hard to get where we are and quite expensive as well, so this will go down nicely. Both flavours can be found on the "Get Deal" button.

Also the Tango Dark Berry works fine with this, so if you're into that... go for it.

I always get this when it comes up, so figured someone else might be waiting again.

Product Description
Lipton Ice Tea is a simple yet perfect blend of real tea that brings you a delicious taste of sunshine whatever the weather. Enjoy a lovely sweet and fresh sensation from the very first sip to beyond the last drop. Lipton Ice Teas are low in calories, so you can indulge without feeling guilty. Whether you drink it after an intense workout, whilst commuting, or during your lunch break, an ice-cold Lipton Ice Tea will always be the best drink to refresh body and mind.
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  1. Vladimir's avatar
    I used to really like these but it might be worth noting for anyone that's not had a bottle recently that they're sadly also victims of recipe changes and don't taste anything like how they used to.
    rageruffle's avatar
    Used to love them before they started putting all the sweeteners in, I see now they've changed to stevia which tastes better but it's not the same as the original....
  2. Wali_S's avatar
    Asda has the same deal
  3. T0byJugz's avatar
    I was in ASDA before and I'm pretty sure they had 3 for £3 on Lipton Ice Tea, may be of use if you’re passing. (edited)
    greenant's avatar
    Yes, Asda has this offer. Bought some a week or two ago. Last i checked it was still ongoing.
  4. keyster's avatar
    Tescos had the big 1.25 Litre bottles of Liptons Peach Tea at £1.25 with clubcard a few weeks ago.
    Got me hooked and bosh! Bumped the price back up.
    Now im hooked and have to sell my worldly goods to buy it. (edited)
  5. ArcaneSim's avatar
    Shame that the best flavour is not included in the deal:
  6. Drooler's avatar
    15 bottles for a tenner using the recent £5 off £15 promo. Done
  7. mummymelly's avatar
    ordered 6 thanks!
    Ken's avatar
    You're welcome.

    I did the same. 3 of each flavour
  8. ws007's avatar
    as soon as i saw the "low in calories" i knew, i just knew.
  9. KeepIt100's avatar
    Peach Ice Tea moq 3 also.
  10. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Amazon 2 for £2 deal last week.
    Next week, 4 for £4 maybe?
  11. canada16's avatar
    Peach squash is not 3 for 3 as min is 4 bottles
    Ken's avatar
    Hi, as per the description, it's the Lipton 1.25 bottles of Ice tea and the Tango that's on 3 for £3.
    For some reason the others are bundled in there, but aren't really applicable at 3 for £3, which is a bit frustrating as that would make the offer that much better.
  12. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Looks like a 3 week wait on the lemon flavour.
  13. ace96's avatar
    I got 6 bottles, 3 of each for £5.74 in total. Steal! Thanks OP (edited)
  14. PlushPuppy's avatar
    Lemon is available on subscribe and save, with max s&s discount it's £2.21 for 3 bottles
  15. masif1's avatar
    Thanks, ordered 3 of each 😋
  16. chats's avatar
    Thanks ordered 69
  17. Lord.vader's avatar
    Peach tea is minimum 3 orders so to get that you have to get 3 . I had the berry tango last week and it’s very nice, especially with a vodka in it! I bought 6 bottles - 3 peach tea, 1 lemon tea, 1 pear squash and 1 berries tango for £6 delivered- bargain
  18. L33TL33's avatar
    Why don’t they sell them in 2L bottles like they do abroad
  19. Littlepink's avatar
    It was the same offer at Asda too with Raspberry included.
  20. Ruth.Renata's avatar
    £1 for 1 at waitrose
  21. tomvox's avatar
    Good value for the Peach Tea (which my wife adores). 6 bottles for her = lots of brownie points for me.
  22. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Lemon no longer available. (edited)
  23. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Peach OOS too, waiting for restock with extended delivery times.
  24. banshee3099's avatar
    1 to 3 weeks delivery for me
  25. Seasider's avatar
    Available at Asda too! Heat added
's avatar