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Lipzor cold sore light treatment device - £21.99 delivered @ TheHealthcounter.com
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Lipzor cold sore light treatment device - £21.99 delivered @ TheHealthcounter.com

Posted 16th Apr 2012
This device is identical (as far a I can tell) to the one boots sell for £35.99: boots.com/en/…42/

The reviews seem to be mostly positive, and at this price I think it is worth a go if you suffer from cold sores like myself. I have just ordered one, and will keep you guys updated as to if it helps me (a cold sore started to appear on my lip today).
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I bought one of these last year and used it whilst away on holIday, in the sun, last summer and found that it does 'delay' the outbreak but I don't believe it stops one altogether, the downside however (I found) is that you have that horrible tingling sensation the entire time so I wonder whether just letting things take the course (as horrible as cold sores are) is the easiest option?

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I got the one from boots about 2 years ago and used it at the first sign of a tingle and haven't (touch wood) had a single one since, I don't get any discomfort and am so pleased I bought one.. If this is similar to the boots one then I can highly recommend..
For those that don’t already know, cold sores can be halted if treated early. Even delayed application is beneficial. The leading brand of cream is Zovirax but there are several alternatives, all contain 5% Aciclovir.

Buy it before you need it and apply it the moment you suspect your may have a cold sore. Zovirax is available from Amazon for £3.99 delivered.
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