Liquirzia Liquorice Licqueur £5.99 BOGOF @ Lidl

Liquirzia Liquorice Licqueur £5.99 BOGOF @ Lidl

LocalFound 18th Aug 2013
Just been in my local Lidl and found this.

Was selling for £7.99 a bottle last week now Liquirzia Liquorice Liqueur selling for £5.99 and Buy One Get One Free.

It is a 50cl bottle, and 25% ABV, not bad flavour either, VERY strong Liquorice taste and quite a thick quality texture, slightly sweet but balances the strength of the liquorice.

Don't know if its nationwide or not.
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I bought some, its ok prob best chilled or over ice. May be lovely over ice cream.cannot really go wrong!
Owww yuck! Not my cuppa tea but good deal with the BOGOF so have a wee drop heat!
The Danes make their own from vodka and salt liquorice. A mate referes to it as (without any racist overtones) as a "Black Ba*****d".
I can take it or leave it but mates that come around for dinner love it.
I'll have to check this out as getting hold of Danish liquorice is difficult.
I'm in
this tastes like syrup of figs
In Finland I had something called salmiakki, don't suppose if anyone knows if its the same/similar thing? Best way I can describe it is a salty liquorice taste - hated it at first but it grew on me.
Similar to sambuca in any way? Going on the liquorice taste
If you like this, try the Black Beer from Morrissons, about £2.99 a 750mm bottle, 8%. lovely made into a Sheffield Guinness with Ice cold Lemonade. An absolute bargain.
Oh nice I'll check this out, thanks
Is it 25° proof or 25% ABV?
Does liquorice taste the same as aniseed?

Is it 25° proof or 25% ABV?

It's 25% ABV
Sorry yes its 25% ABV, bad habit of saying proof for some reason.

Ignorant pom:
The tast has some similarity to Aniseed, but both have a distinct flavour of there own. There flavours do compliment each other and in many sweets and drinks etc they are mixed.

Would not say it was too much like Sambuca, it has more of a kick (usually 40% ABV, including Liquorice Sambuca (Black Sambuca)) this has more of a smooth mild taste.
well thought I'd give it a try but there's no trace of it at my local.
Anyone seen any in Ayrshire?
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