List of prices for Multipack Beer/Lager at Supermarkets MEGATHREAD

List of prices for Multipack Beer/Lager at Supermarkets MEGATHREAD

Found 14th Nov 2013
Update 15/11/2013, ABV added to each product and £/L has also been added after popular demand


After seeing how much people have appreciated what zombieman has done for Alcoholic Spirits I thought it would be a good idea to do one for popular Beer/Lager. I have asked zombieman what he thought and he thinks it’s a great idea to bring savings to us all especially over the Christmas period. So thanks to him here is another MegaThread!

The tables below show Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose prices from their website. I had a few problems with the fact that they all seem to sell different size multipacks but I have greyed out where the product wasn’t available online. This doesn’t mean they don’t sell it in store!

I have coloured the text in red for the cheapest price of each product. And highlighted are the current supermarket deals like ‘2 for £15” so any highlighted in that colour apply to the deal. Please be aware that even though a single unit is cheapest somewhere, it doesn’t mean it’ll be cheaper if you miss out on one of the offers from someone else but I will leave that up to you guys to work out what’s right for you.

I will try to update this list on a weekly basis, most likely a Saturday morning. But please add, suggest and amend any details you like. I am hoping to also expand the prices, especially for Morrisons because they’re website doesn’t seem to list all products so many are missing from them.

Also remember that where Asda is not the cheapest it might be worth buying it from them with a normal shop and getting a voucher for the difference +10% from the Asda price guarantee.

anthony69 would like me to say "Drink Responsibly, else a slap bottom"

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heat just for the sheer bloody effort!
This works well, with only a few minor drawbacks. For example, Asda are selling the 10 x 440ml cams for £8 or 2 for £15. Because they can't offer multibuy deals here in Scotland, the 10 x 440ml pack was only £7.50 yesterday. That will be difficult to reflect in thread, whenever any of the Supermarkets reduce something like this. Apart from that, sterling work.
I stock up on beer for Christmas every year around this time but someone keeps breaking into my garage, stealing and drinking the lot, resulting in me buying more nearer the time. They even have the cheek to put the empty cans in my wheely bin.
Great post.
Heat from me but any chance of adding cider to the list?!

Heat from me but any chance of adding cider to the list?!

Another mega-thread will be along for that soon X)
having a look through and I am surprised that coop are offering some better deals such as 20 carling 440 cans for £11
and 4 pack carlsberg for £3
+ Heat. Well done Sir!
Any chance you work a put £ per litre column into your spreadsheet?

Well done ++++
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Heat added for deals and the effort
Will this be kept updated on a weekly basis? Heat for the effort
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Heat added for the effort put in by the OP. Having said that, I think it's a pity that posts like these that don't particularly contain any amazing offers receive more heat than posts which highlight a good offer on a specific beer. For instance, a guy posted a Budweiser deal a fortnight ago (18 x 440ml for £12 at Sainsbury's) and got -5 degrees, despite it being a pretty good offer. Would be good to see a bit more consistency in voting, but I suppose people will always have the "I'd rather drink urine than [insert popular lager]" argument that can at least be by-passed with these kind of posts that cover many brands. Anyway, cheers OP and Happy Drinking!
Nice work fella, much appreciated
Could you make a read-only spreadsheet
Save you uploading all those images and once you update them,.we can all see.

Thank you for the effort
That is a lot of information, good job. What is the best value (no preference) for a broke alco like me?
Heat added but for a bit of extra information Carlsberg Export pint cans are only £4 for 4 at Iceland
Nice One. appreciated.
Wish red stripe was on offer more often

Thanks for the effort
im a fruit cider drinker ( pear, mixed fruit, strawberry and lime) so no good for me. but heat added for all the larger drinkers...
no [MEGATHREAD] in the title oO ... doing yourself out of a VIP badge buddy HOT cheers

Thank you, will make good use of this. Voted HOT.
Cold no cider offers.;) Only joking , I do love a bit of tramp fuel....
My local Tesco were doing 30 Carlsberg for £16 when I went there today
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ASDA Lager 12 x 330ml @ £8 is great
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Nice work OP Thanks
Cider please cant drink that lager rubbish !!!
Nice work, dont see many 660ml bottle deals though.
They have them on 3 for £5 in Tesco at the moment, stella/kronen and I think bud
Excellent - Beermarked for Christmas and the New Year
Price per litre and maybe abv would make it a lot more useful. Cheers.
Nice work!!
Go a request for next time, can you do Cost/Litre please?
Effort to work out the best bulk buy deal otherwise.

Any chance you work a put £ per litre column into your spreadsheet?Well … Any chance you work a put £ per litre column into your spreadsheet?Well done ++++

Yup, that's what I'm looking at when I'm buying Beer. Ideally under £2 per litre.
Its a shame nothing really works out cheaper (or nicer?) than me just going to my local and buying some good quality polish beer for £1 a can :E, that's one thing I like about london, that and I can go and buy those beers at any time of day or night....

but +10 for the effort!
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Brilliant work well done and thank you
Thanks for your effort, really useful, hic!
appreciate the effort, but isn't it sad that all of the beers are europish mouthwash, brewed under licence in northampton or some other other exotic place, to the same recipe tweaked for the UK market. remove the labels and you wouldn't know what you are drinking after the third can.
excellent thanks v much
Tasked with making works Christmas party as cheap as poss so thank you for this.
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