List up to 5 items and pay no more than £1 when they sell  - eBay

List up to 5 items and pay no more than £1 when they sell - eBay

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Available by invitation only but worth a check I guess. I received a message in my ebay inbox 'Get more from selling on eBay with a £1 limit on final value fees' which is valid from 08/01/18 - 12/01/18.

What is the promotion?

Create up to 5 listing(s) on in an eligible category, starting during the promotion period, using the auction-style or fixed price format, and pay a maximum of £1 on its final value fees if the item sells. The promotion is valid for the first 5 listings which go live during the promotion period.

Before your listing starts, you need to have actively opted in to the promotion via the RSVP link shown in the marketing communication.

You won’t pay an insertion fee for these 5 listings.

Listings using the auction-style with Buy it now format will not be charged the listing upgrade fee.
Other listing upgrade fees will still apply and will be charged according to the eBay fees policy.

The number of listing eligible under this promotion may be less where seller restrictions apply.
Click here
to learn more about selling limits.

Who is eligible? registered private sellers who have been invited
to participate and have actively opted in to the promotion via the RSVP
link shown in the marketing communication. Participation is linked to
the seller’s account and is not transferable. Sellers must be registered
as a resident in the UK.
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This is by invitation only :-(
This is by invitation only :-(
Fudge - not for me either. But cheers for posting, sometimes I don't get the email from ebay of a deal... and it does work.
Not for me
VFX98th Jan


Not for me either
Looks like it works on my account, thanks
Not on any of my accounts.
Unfortunately not for me
No luck here. Thanks for posting though!
Works on my account

Invitation only for me
Works for me heat added
Quite likely to be for those who don't sell very often, especially when it's for only 5 listings - most promos are for 100 listings.

No good to me anyway, as my stuff is always under a tenner, so I prefer something like 50% off the fvf.

Thanks for posting of course, as it will help some people.
Not for me
Not for me but Heat anyway

Not for me either
Not for me either... but heat anyway
Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.
Cold not for me.
No luck for me
Not for me as well
Hot if you got it
Not for me either
Nope, doesn’t work for mebut heat added.
Excellent! Have some heat!
Heat but nope, didn't get this one!
No luck for me either. My ebay listing with £1 max fee (from last month) will be finishing in a day, so I'm really hoping new ebay cheap fee offer to pop up soon
Edited by: "panda098" 8th Jan
I never get these.
Not had one of these for ages.
Weirdly mine says his offer has “expired”
Not for me. Can't really complain as seemed to have one a week on the run up to Christmas last year.
I buy things from ebay once in a while but never sold any, i wonder if that is the reason I have never received such offers
"Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only"

I usually get most offers - thanks for posting anyway
Edited by: "kowalski" 8th Jan
Heat added, not available for me unfortunately as have lots to sell
Nothing for me ,invitation only
Invitation only. Typical Ebay.
Doesn't work me either
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