Listerine 250ml £1.00 @ Morrisons
Listerine 250ml £1.00 @ Morrisons

Listerine 250ml £1.00 @ Morrisons

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I forgot to post this yesterday...

I saw the Cool Mint, Soft Mint and Teeth Whitening going for £1.00. Didnt see the other flavours reduced (sorry that makes it sound like a drink!!)...if someone else has, please let me know.

Obviously works out better than paying £3plus for the 500ml bottles


Good price - heat from me

Does this one burn your mouth? I tend to find some do!

Worth checking in-store @ Wilkinsons as they are selling the double packs of these for £1.97 with a 50% off marked price sticker. So works out at under a pound for 500ml!

Do Listerine still make those little breath freshener sheets that you put on your tongue? Haven't seen them for ages.

This stuff is SO bad for you. Use it sparingly at most.

Also, don't rinse your mouth with water after you've brushed your teeth (spit it out, but don't rinse). Washes away any good work toothpaste can do for your teeth/mouth/oral health.

Excellent price some more heat from me

Original Poster

im confused...why is it so bad for you?


im confused...why is it so bad for you?

Thinking maybe because this one contains Alcohol.....unlike Dentyl Mouthwash

Listerine is the worst you can buy i'm surprised it's so hot. Its cheap for a reason...


Your mouth shouldn't burn when using mouthwash. Get an alcohol free one like Dentyl or Colgate.


Does this one burn your mouth? I tend to find some do!

Yes it does!

Lol @ the cancer remark.
If cancer comes then so be it, but don't dwell on mouthwash that *could* cause it.
Look at this facebook.com/sea…ick


Lol @ the cancer remark.

I don't really think it's something to Lol at. SImplyput - why buy something that is bad for your gums just because it's a like a quid cheaper than ones that are not bad for your gums? Since when did saving an insignificant amount of money replace common sense?

Wow looking at that huge list it's a wonder I'm still here :?

great price x
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