Found 2nd Oct 2008Made hot 2nd Oct 2008
listerine coolmint antibacterial mouthwash 500 ml normally retails £2.43 on offer £1


Bargain if they've got any left!

Listerine is one of the worst mouth washes on the market.

It contains a high level of alcohol which dry out your gums.

Get cordosyl (sp?).

Listerine is good stuff. Thanks OP!:thumbsup:

Will have a look tomorrow... Thanks for the info.

I like Listerine, but I hear it's not good for you. Still, hot deal!

Listerine is bad for your gums and mouth as it contains alcohol.

Sorry cold.

great deal, absolute bargain

also citrus flavour available (orange colour) for £1. Plenty in Asda clapham junction / lavender hill.

someone at my daughter's school recently told me it's great for treating headlice and for this price is around £10 cheaper too!!!
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