Listerine Mouthwash 250ml £1 instore @ Savers

Listerine Mouthwash 250ml £1 instore @ Savers

Found 30th Jul 2011
Normally £2-£2.54 elsewhere for the 250ml.
The 95ml size is normally £1 so in comparison 250l for £1 is cheap!
I only saw the Milder flavour softmint sensation antibacterial mouthwash and Milder flavour col citrus antibacterial mouthwash, however in larger stores they may have more variety im unsure.

The 500ml ranges from £3.19-£4.19 elsewhere, therefore even buying 2 x 250ml at Savers works out 500ml for £2 so you still save money!

I thought this was a great offer if you wanted a smaller version perhaps to try or to bring on holiday! Hope this helps.
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Its a £1 in alot of places now - home bargins, poundland, poundshops, b&m, semi chem ect
Aldi do their own brand in 500ml bottles for 49p.
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