LiteOn DVD+/-R/RW/DL Writer - £17.99!

LiteOn DVD+/-R/RW/DL Writer - £17.99!

Found 13th Aug 2006
SVP have a cheap dvd writer at the moment - the LiteOn DRW-6S160P DVD+/-R/RW/DL Writer is on special offer at £17.99 including VAT.

Specs and info from the site...

This DRW-6S160P model offers high-speed double-layer DVD write speeds, in addition to top of the range 16x DVD-R and +R writing speeds.

Write Speed: DVD-R: 16x * DVD-RW: 6x * DVD-R DL: 4x * DVD+R: 16x * DVD+RW: 8x * DVD+R DL: 8x * CD-R: 48x * CD-RW: 24x

Read Speed: DVD-ROM: 16x * CD-ROM: 48x * Access Time: * DVD: 160ms * CD: 160ms



Standard delivery 4.99 (without any codes) and price is actually £17.90

Good spot

Remember the HUKD discount.

I personally think the the Pioneer one will be much better recording quality:…-18

If you can get your order over £40 you can get cheaper delivery this weekend!

[CENTER]To qualify for this discounted shipping offer, simply place an order
over £40, select ECONOMY COURIER or PARCEL COURIER and
insert the voucher code 199uk into the 'Coupon Code' box
provided at the SVP checkout and see the delivery cost magically reduced.
Offer ends at 11:59pm on Sunday 13th August 2006[/CENTER]

Yeah free delivery over £40 ends midnight tonight! Thanks dblake

I've added the voucher details to the original post davdixson Thanks for the find

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Never had any problems with my Liteon drives, theyve always been good. My Pioneer is being difficult tho - although it is a laptop drive so cant really compare. Wouldnt be worried abt the name tho - these are great drives, Liteon despite sounding "Lite" are actually one of the top brands alongside Pioneer and Plextor.


Thanks for this dave ... good find :thumbsup:

I agree with russ, the LiteOn drives I've had were excellent. Easy install, correct write speeds and reliable. I think they led the way for media writing standards over a year or so too.

Pioneer are a recognised quality brand also

I had a LiteOn drive in my old Advent PC. A lot of discs I had recorded didn't work properly, however as a lot of you will remember my PC was hell all round so it was probably just my drive.

A lot of the time it's the disc compatibility factor as well that can mess things up...

Yeah, they were the Samsung ones from Staples (I got LOTS when they did the offer last year!!).

Yeah, the only time I had trouble with my Liteon is when I tried to upgrade it from 40x to 48x by flashing the firmware - needless to say it worked for a few months but then broke - entirely my fault!! My DVD burner from them has been going strong for several years now, no problems

Havent had any compatibility probs yet, guess ive been lucky with the media. What die was on those Samsung discs duckmagic?

Not sure mate. I think the drive may have been faulty though. The PC was a can, absolutely awful. Bought it refurbished, the CP overheated from day 1, the drive was poor, the TV card had lines across it, the PC blue-screened all the time and the card reader melted my sandisk memory stick duo pro. In general the PC was knackered from the day I bought it (had to exchange within the first 2 days) and it was 10 months before they gave in to a refund after it had been back under warranty several times, so it could well have been a dodgy drive anyway.

Original Poster

Interesting point to note - according to one of the reviewers on the site this drive can be upgraded to the next model up 165P6S with a firmware flash, makgin it capable of writing to DVD-RAM discs.

I wouldn't trust those firmware upgrades from a third party.

There used to be one that claimed to make a single layer drive, change to dual layer write. But that's impossible because the laser has to write at two different depths on the disc in two passes. They were physically made to only write to single depth and thus wouldn't work.

I don't know much about RAM discs, but I would think there was a physical writing method for those too.

On saying that, every official firmware upgrade I've made, has completed successfully and I like to keep anything that's firmware upgradable, upgraded So that's a lot of them. As long as you follow the instrucions carefully, you should be okay.

Yep - I agree with Rayman, beware of upgrading to the wrong firmware - cdfreaks said I could update my 40x CD-RW drive a year ago to 48x. Within a few months later after happily burning at 48x speed, it died, admittedly it could have been another fault, but I suspect it was because of the firmware flash... might be different now, but do so at your own risk

svp have some of the best priced deals on the internet :thumbsup:

i am very interested in this drive as the one i use at the moment sounds like a jet taking off!!

Has anyone ordered this drive or used it as i was wondering what the noise levels are like?


I haven't got the LiteOn from SVP but I do have the Samsung 18x which you can regulate the speed and it has a silent mode using supplied Magic Speed software.

thanks for that. the sammy looks like a good drive. if only you could get 18x media lol:roll: :roll: :roll:

Oh it does DVDRAM too lol But yeah, finding 18x speed blanks right now is virtually impossible :roll: 16x Maxell from Play.Com discs write well on it though
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