LiteOn HD-A740GX DVD Recorder + 160GB HDD for £158.05
LiteOn HD-A740GX DVD Recorder + 160GB HDD for £158.05

LiteOn HD-A740GX DVD Recorder + 160GB HDD for £158.05

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Get this amazing feature-filled DVD recorder (with a 160GB HDD for PVR) for £158.05 delivered!

£162.04 -5% discount + p&p = £158.05 DELIVERED

Timeshift, PVR, DVD, DivX, AVI, MP3, JPG, VCD...you name it...this machine probably does it!

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If you're not entirely convinced... this deal was the winner of day 2 of the "10 Days of Christmas" Deal hunts right here at HotUKDeals...so it's gotta be hot!

videohelp.com/dvd…0GX for the multi-region hack.



Well done ehosin.

Heat and Rep Added.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

Cheers for posting ehosin This is the cheapest on the web that anyone could find for a multi region DVD recorder, with a 160GB HDD.

Thanks for posting this ehosin Very good find and it does have some decent features


It's just a shame that these are still fitted with analogue tuners ..otherwise a decent buy.

Thanks for pointing that out currychops These days it's quite an important missing feature...


If you want a freeview 160Gb DVD recorder... Maplins are doing the Yamada DTR-1000HX for £219.99... but they also do a £15 off £200 voucher if you sign up to their site, bringing the price down to £204.99... add 3% quidco and that's £198.84

Right now they have 3 b-grades in stock for £199.99 - add something cheap and you could get it for £184.99 or £179.44 after Quidco.


Thanks for the info BigAde...I think they're still overpriced and am waiting for them to drop in price..as they will do when freeview becomes the norm..which it should be with the phasing out of analogue..although I do appreciate that some areas of the UK may still not be able to get freeview.

sounds like a good player, shame it hasnt got 5.1 surround sound outputs.

Anyone thinking of making this purchase should read this review of the product first.


Sums up this machine very well.

Hope it helps.


Anyone thinking of making this purchase should read this review of the … Anyone thinking of making this purchase should read this review of the product first.]http://reviews.cnet.com/Lite_On_HD_A740GX/4505-9141_7-31976711.html#moreSums up this machine very well.Hope it helps.

Hmmm. "Can't play DVDs or previously recorded shows while recording" Simultaneous playback/recording was top of my list when I bought a DVD Recorder.

Liteons are very poor when it comes to parallel functioning.

Basically, it can't really do more than one thing at a time. The nearest is gets to simultaneous functions is timeshift, and allowing you to start watching a recording from the start while the recording continues.

Be aware, also, that Liteon is pulling out of the standalone DVD recorder market altogether. They plan on honouring the 2-year guarantees given with their recorders, but do not expect ANY more firmware upgrades and whatnot.

I would also double-check that the 2-year guarantee is still in place for players bought AFTER they announced they were ceasing this kind of product.

Basically, I would expect that Lite-on recorders will plummet in price once it becomes more widely known that they are pulling out. The long-term prospects don't look good.


It's all a bit confused, but the vultures are circling.

Quoting from another site:

"I very much doubt if Liteon will issue any more firmware updates for the LVW-5045. They seem to have stopped at version 0204.

They stopped issuing updates for the original 500* series on non-HDD recorders at version 101, so you guys at least got 2 more updates than us!

The Liteon website is down for maintenance until 20th December. Let's at least assume that it will resume service as usual at that time.

They have announced that they are withdrawing from the stand-alone DVD recorder market after Xmas, but they still intend to honour their 2 year warranty on all DVD recorders sold until then.

They are no longer sending firmware out on discs on request, so it is important to download it yourself and burn to disc, even if you have to borrow a friend's computer to do so."
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