Lithographic Print Sets @ Forbidden Planet - Harry Potter £6.99 (83% OFF) & LOTR £8.99 (78% OFF) & Corpse Bride £5.99 (85% OFF) & Star Wars £12.99 (68% OFF)

Lithographic Print Sets @ Forbidden Planet - Harry Potter £6.99 (83% OFF) & LOTR £8.99 (78% OFF) & Corpse Bride £5.99 (85% OFF) & Star Wars £12.99 (68% OFF)

Found 19th Dec 2008
I own the Harry Potter set myself and it's VERY large, I'm really surprised by the low prices of these sets, which come in heavy metal tins- it would cost about the same amount just to post by Royal Mail, so these really are awesome prices!!

*Just type in 'lithograph' into the search engine and all the results will appear...

Harry Potter Masterworks Lithographic Prints
A wonderful collection of 30 prints from the Harry Potter film series. The prints measure around 14" by 8" and are printed on high quality gloss stock. Limited to 2,000 sets and housed in a fab metal tin. Max 1 Per customer.

Art of Lord of the Rings Lithograph Set-
The Masterworks Artwork Lithographic print collection features 30 great images using the original artwork designs produced by the acclaimed visual artists who worked on the film and is printed on high quality gloss paper. Each print is 14" by 8" and perfect for framing. Comes in a beautifully engraved tin box.

Corpse Bride Lithograph Masterworks Set
This wonderful set features 30 images from the fantastic new Tim Burton film.
Each print is on heavy paper measuring 14" by 8" and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and packaged in a beautiful metal tin. This set is restricted to a tiny run of only 500 worldwide.

Star Wars Masterworks Lithographs ROTS Series 2 30 Piece
Packaged in a tin box, comes with 30 conceptual art pieces. Limited to 2000 units.

**Shipping/ Carriage / Postage Postage/Courier fees for mainland UK are listed on paper order forms and website(s). Normally £2.50 for the first item listed plus £1.65 for each subsequent item up to a maximum per order of £14.00.


Don't forget £2.50 postage on top

Still great prices. Cheers OP.

FPISFXPROMO for 10% off - code is working

Quidco 4% as well

Cool, have ordered Corpse Bride and Lord of The Rings for my hallway gallery :thumbsup:

Lets hope they come as they are limited prints :?

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Don't forget £2.50 postage on top

I included that in the description bt didn't want to make the title any bigger than it already was!


Lets hope they come as they are limited prints :?

I think you'll be OK, they were the same price almost a year ago...…e-/

Ta for the post OP, rep added

lotr art prints no longer available at this web site so this link should now be expired or updated....

Received my Corpse Bride prints today and they are visually beautiful. Well worth the £5.99. LOTR prints were cancelled though. 1 out of 2 aint bad. :thumbsup:

BTW limited run of 2000 not 500 as stated and I have no.131 so a nice low number

I ordered the harry potter prints and the corpse bride one at the same time the [COLOR="Black"]3rd january[/COLOR]. I have recived the harry potter one but not the corpse bride set. I emailed them to ask what was going on and I got back:
Unfortunately this item was not available when you ordered and this was written in the special notes section which would have printed on the paperwork you would have received with the other goods.Unfortunately as this part was never sent you have not been informed. We have no stock left of the Litho Set and are unable to obtain any further supplies. I apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by the mix up and assure you that no money has been taken from your card."
I never received the paper work they where talking about there was not special note section on the paper, It was a birthday present. I also had this problem before last christmas. They should state what is in stock and what is not, also how many are left.
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