Litre bottle Grants Whisky £16 in store Sainsbury's

Litre bottle Grants Whisky £16 in store Sainsbury's

LocalFound 14th Sep 2017
As per the title. Works out to £11.20 for a regular bottle. Cannot say if it's a good whisky but it's been around a good few years.
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Drain cleaner.
I can tell you if it's good whisky - it ain't!. It's probably the worst I have ever tried.

I do still have a two thirds full bottle for hot Toddies though. Cloves and honey conceal the foulness
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Thanks for the education. I'm no expert. It's funny it's been around so long isn't it. I guess for the price it might be as good as a supermarket own brand. Maybe not. But thanks for the tip about honey hot toddies. I rarely drink whisky, but full of cold and sniffles, so naturally looked for some proper medicine.

As I understand it, most whisky companies are owned by just a few big PLCs. But on this bottle it says "Family Owned". Hahaha!

Yeah there are very few independent owned distilleries. Thanks for posting though. Like I say for cold remedies or mixing with cola it probably is alright for some. Un-drinkable neat for me though. Some supermarket own brand whisky is actually very good. Aldi' s premium range is superb for around £18 . Beware the Islay ones unless you know you like Peated though
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Nasty stuff
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