Litre spirits £15 @ Morrisons

Litre spirits £15 @ Morrisons

Found 13th Jul 2014Made hot 14th Jul 2014
Litre bottles of Smirnoff vodka, Captain Morgan Spiced rum, Gordon's Gin, Bell's whisky, Bacardi Rum all £15 starting tomorrow.


thanks for the deal

get in time for Christmas as I done all the presents just need to get in the drinks


Good i gave up drinking.. just saved £15!

After watching the Germans win the world cup I'm gonna need one of these.

This gonna heat up!! picked up couple

I think it is a bit mean only being 2 per customer;)

Hope the other supermarkets follow

How much are these at norm price? Cheers.

Original Poster

Around £20

Still valid today. Just got 2. heat added

Think offer is valid 'til 27th July


Somebody with more time should work out which one is cheapest vs alternative suppliers of the same brand - I'm guessing best value will be Gordon's.
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